Saturday, March 12, 2011

Teared up at this...

Yesterday, at a regular Friday happy hour, a coworker shared a story about a mutual student of ours.

(A little background: this student's mom really isn't in the picture, and he has basically no respect for his step mother, and is not afraid to say that. While I find that sad, I understand.)

Yesterday, he told my coworker that she is like a second mom to him. And that I am like his first mom.

I'm actually a little teary writing this. Yesterday, during our last advisory class, the students were to "reflect" on the advisory experience, and discuss likes, dislikes, and any potential information they would like to cover in the future. When I asked them what they liked about the class, they all said that they liked me the most. Later, in another class, a student decorated a post-it with her name, and that she <3's me, and stuck it on my monitor.

It was a good day.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The emotional roller coaster that is my job

A few weeks ago, I was so far down in a funk at work due to a bunch of toxic events going on, and today, I'm on cloud 9.

Yesterday, at solo and ensemble contest, I had the most kids ever go, and they did amazingly. 1 freshman (remember the kid who's honor band experience I completely screwed up by getting the performance time wrong? Yeah, that same kid) is going to state with his incredibly difficult tenor sax solo. The judge had so many nice things to say about how talented this kid is; not that I didn't know that, but the kid needs to hear it! In the past, when he was just a 7th grader, his previous teacher reamed him for getting a II on his solo. Seriously. A 7th grader got reamed for that. It completely tainted his experience with this contest. I hope this makes up for that!

In addition, I had 4 other Superior ratings (not state eligible as they did not memorize their music, but that's okay), 3 Excellent ratings (including a first-ever sax quartet) and 1 good rating.

One of my Superior-rated kids had his music for four days. He said last semester he wanted to do a solo. I made him a copy, he never got it, then was ineligible FOREVER. Last week, I realized hey, this kid can go. "Hey, kid, are you going to contest?" "Oh yeah...I'll get my music next week!" And so, he had Tuesday through Friday to put it together himself, and with the accompanist, and he got a freaking Superior. He thought he was going to get a much worse score. I'm so glad he got to go. He'll be a senior next year, and I think now that he knows what it's about and how good it feels to go and do well, and after he reads his sheet he is also going to be on cloud 9, I think he'll go for a more difficult piece and memorize it AND be eligible. Huge steps, man.

I somehow have to re-focus myself on our upcoming large group contest on Tuesday. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. They have put together some great music and when they are "on," it's really, really good. They don't know about the graduate project that they have been a part of all semester, but I think it has made a difference. Hopefully the scores will reflect that!

In other news...ever heard of a tonsil stone (tonsilloliths )? Yeah, now I have. Annoying little bastards. I have one in my throat and despite my best efforts to see and remove it (gag, literally) I can't. I have decided that I have an undersized oral cavity and a tongue that is too large for the space. I cannot get to my tonsils like the people in the YouTube videos who successfully remove theirs.

Yes, I realize that it is gross that I watched those videos...I like gross things. I find them entertaining and somewhat hilarious. But dammit, I feel like something's stuck in my throat (because it is) and it's driving me nuts! I really don't want to have to go to an ENT for a damn tonsil stone.

Oh, and still no working out. I might have to see a physical therapist or something. My sister's got hers from a previous car accident and she recommended them, so I might have to check it out.

Otherwise, I'm saving for a vacation, the yearbook is done, and I've got a spaghetti supper AND a band banquet to plan! There's a lot left in the school year for me, including a band contest at UCO, State, 2 newspaper issues, plus all my baby journalist stuff. I have bulbs about to bloom out front and a ton of yardwork to do, but I'm happy again!