Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28

So, I had ice cream again last night. And it was SO worth it. After having to take a heavy dose of allergy meds, something sweet was about the only thing I could think about! I did manage to lose all the weight I put back on plus some, so I'm now down 8.2 pounds :)

Yesterday was fairly uneventful.

B: Usual
S: Cheesestick
L: Leftover carne asada, beans, and zucchini and squash
D: Salmon croquettes, zucchini and squash, ketchup
DS: Ice cream

Everyone seemed jealous of my lunch yesterday!

So, Saturday I have agreed to do an "Insanity" workout with my sister. She's been doing it for a few weeks now and is already seeing results. I think I've got my eating under control for now, so it's probably time for me to add some physical activity into the mix. I know how to work out properly, just as I know how to eat properly...I have simply chosen not to for awhile!

A few years ago, I went through three months of personal training. It was grueling, but helpful. I didn't lose a lot of weight--only 5lbs or so, but I lost a little over 3% body fat in that time. I was about 30ish pounds less then, and I think my body was happy at that weight. It was hard to get that number lower. However, if I could afford something like that again I would probably do it. But, alas, money is tight so I might just have to do with my gym membership that I'm hardly using. Guess I should start using that, huh?

Back to work for me!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wonder, I wonder

How long it will take for the bill that was just passed by the Oklahoma Senate (which was vetoed by the governor, rightfully) to be deemed unconstitutional? I keep seeing people on FB say, "What a horrible day to be a woman in OK." Well, people, let's get out and vote for some new representatives and senators! Some of the comments made by those very reps and senators in the article I read on the Daily OK were just horrifying. One man, can't remember what his name was, said something about how "after the baby is murdered."

Pretty sure it's not least not in my eyes. A 2 month old fetus can't survive on its own. Effectively, it is leeching off the mother. Can't murder something that can't live.

But, I know my views are not the views of everyone. If you believe that life begins at conception, then that's fine. However, abortion is legal in this country. It's time for the "buckle" to live with that.

On to other, less heavy topics: I ate ice cream, and it was so good. To be exact, it was Braum's frozen yogurt (a mix with Oreos) but it was damn tasty. I did get a bit of a sugar headache after eating it, though. My dinner last night was excellent--I think those were the best beans I ever made (but, don't bacon and onions make everything better?) I have ever made. I also noticed that since I ate a lot less salt yesterday, I was running to the bathroom left and right to pee. I must have peed five or six times yesterday evening. I also woke up around 2am to was like I was the Tom Hanks character in A League of Their Own and Madonna's character was timing me, it was that crazy long. I know this is all TMI, but I was pretty impressed.

Weight's down by nearly 2 pounds, as well. Yes, I weigh every day. It becomes a thing with me.

Yesterday's food:
B: Usual
S: Peanuts
L: Same as yesterday
S: Some leftover rotisserie chicken
D: Carne asada (flank steak marinated in lime juice, olive oil, spices, garlic) zucchini and yellow squash (cooked alongside the steak) and my take on barracho beans (pintos simmered with sauteed onion and bacon, with some garlic powder and pepper mixed in). Notice how there's no salt in that meal? I did sprinkle a little cheese on my beans, but that was it.
DS: Braum's mix

So, at least I have yummy leftovers today!

And, I have a question: Did Glee make anyone else bawl like a baby last night, or am I just feeling insecure and hormonal? The "house is not a home" song just about killed me. I love how they focused on Curt and Mercedes and Finn. It was time for that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PMS sucks

I'm starting to think the only thing that will stop this pms is ice cream.

I hate feeling like this. Tired, run-down, irritable, frustrated with everything. It's annoying and I can't stop it, which is the worst part!

I'm thinking a waffle cone of low-fat frozen yogurt from Braum's might be in order tonight. One of the little junior size ones.

I'm starting to hate Mondays

I never feel like I get everything done on the's been so busy lately.

Here's Monday's food:
B: Usual, but now with almonds! Much more filling in the long run
S: Peanuts
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: Bite of a brownie
D: "Soup can chicken" with a small amount of orzo and some french green beans.
DS: Nibbled on some heath bar bits from the pantry--kept me from going out for ice cream!

I allowed myself the orzo--I was having a pms rage when I got home and really just needed some soothing carbs. After dinner, though, after all the salt and the little bit of pasta I ate, I was SO pregnant with a food baby. Won't be doing that again!

Hoping today will be all right. I don't have to proctor any EOI tests today so I actually get my plan to organize my room. I started that yesterday. It helps to get going on that now instead of trying to clean it all up at the very end of the year. And if May is anything like April, it will be over in a nanosecond.

Found out yesterday that we should be getting a nearly $20K grant for my journalism lab :) New computers, new printers, new monitors, equipment for podcasting/broadcasting, books, and updated software. I'm excited! Now, if only I could get my hands on the $15K that I was awarded for my error that our parent company made while filing all the stuff for a 501(c)(3) has prevented me from doing so. That money would mean stereo equipment, a digimet metronome, a rolling/locking Wenger percussion cabinet, money for music for all performing groups, a tenor and bari sax...the list goes on and on. We also owe the school for the chairs and stands they bought that we needed at the beginning of the year. They fronted the money expecting the grant to come through. But, it's all out of my hands. I've been about as patient as I can possibly be!

So, for today, lots and lots of water. PMS and all the salt from that dinner have me up 2 pounds...still haven't lost any in the last couple of weeks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I suck

Okay, I have got to get my eating back on track. I had Whataburger at 1am this morning. Yes, I was awake at 1am. I'm never awake then! But, I really never had dinner so I was starving. I know I don't make good choices when it gets to that point.

Anywho. Pom was lovely. I hope the after-prom was successful. They had a lot of great door prizes, including a fairly good-sized dorm fridge. I would have gone to something like that in high school had it been offered.

Today is a day to get back on track. Get the house clean. Get some gardening done. Get the groceries. Take the photos. Eat right.

I've learned that I need to add some more protein to my breakfasts as I'm starting to get hungry at like, 8am. That's ridiculous. So, I'm going to follow my sister's advice and try adding some almonds to my breakfast yogurt and berries. Or walnuts. Whichever's cheaper.

I had lots of other thoughts but now the husband, the wet dog, and Tolstoy are all in here talking to me, shaking water on me, and distracting me. Doesn't matter. I need to get back to cleaning. So far I have a very clean bathroom!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Twelve hours

That's how long I slept last night. Sure, I awoke a couple of times to let the dog pee, turn off the tv or whatnot...but I fell asleep pretty much at 8pm and just got up a little bit ago.

Guess I needed it!

Yesterday wasn't the best of days. Food-wise, I was all right until I got home. Work-wise, not so awesome. It's great to start the day with a sophomore telling you to shut up after you remind them to tuck their shirt in (my students wear uniforms). The child thought no one would hear her, but her teacher did. The child's retort to the principal after I took her in? "Well, I said it under my breath...she wasn't supposed to hear me."

Because that makes it all better? I posted about it on my facebook and an old high school friend asked if the kid got detention. Nope. This kid got shoved straight into in-school suspension. If she had shown some remorse or if she was having a really bad morning or something, they might have gone easy on her. But our assistant principal doesn't fart around with shit like that. We teach respect at our school.

I really would like an apology. I think that's fair. I'll probably never get it, though.

So, onto the food:
B: Same
S: Peanuts
L: Chili, cheesestick
D: Homemade fried shrimp and french fries. 3 beers. And then I fell asleep!

The shrimp was on the menu this week as my "fun" meal, anyway. The beer was lovely and just what I needed. It knocked me out, though. Hence, the 12 hours of sleep!

Other, happier news: Tonight is prom. It should be lovely. The first roses I've ever had are blooming. They are yellow and lovely. I am going to work in my yard today and the weather is lovely. For once, I feel rested. And it feels lovely.

Tomorrow I take senior portraits for a girl where I teach. This is a first for me, so wish me luck! I'm excited but nervous.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 22

Wow, Friday came fast this week! Fine by me :) Except that Tri-State looms next Friday and I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to get the kids there. But, things always end up working out. We'll see what happens.

Yesterday's food:
B: Usual
S: Cheese stick
L: Leftovers from the night before
S: Small (very small) piece of chocolate cake (stress eating...was upset to find out that a student from the other school in our building was the victim of an attempted abduction yesterday morning...too close to home)
D: Chipotle-tomato chicken, black bean/avocado/tomato salad, iced tea
DS: Grapes

Yeah, I have to stop "allowing" these "little treats" now and then. My weight is not moving this week at all! I have lost some inches but it's stalled. Plus this upcoming week is PMS week and if I allow it once, it'll just snowball.

On the upside: Lots of fun activities coming up on the weekends! This weekend, prom and after prom. Next weekend, a bachelorette party. The following weekend, a co-worker's birthday party (she's becoming a friend, it's nice, and H even likes her and her husband which is RARE).

So, that's the update for now. Gotta keep all of my "fun" stuff to the weekends so I need to avoid all the cake and goodies at work. I think I can do that just fine :) I just have to stay out of the office!

And a gratuitous picture for you:

That's Callie--carpet pee-er extraordinaire. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is life ever going to slow down???!?!

State solo and ensemble yesterday. Funny how a salty lunch and dinner can pack on 2lbs overnight :P

My student received an Excellent (II) rating for his performance on the alto sax yesterday. He was my only student to go (it's been 2 years since I went and I only had one then, too) so we got to listen to other bands perform. If I can scrounge up $40 then I can buy a CD of yesterday's performance.

Yes, $40. Hardly seems worth it. However, my band NEVER gets to hear other bands of their size, so it would be a way for them to get to hear the other bands without having to go anywhere. $40 is way cheaper than renting a bus and getting the kids out of school for a day!

We ate at Qdoba. I could have done better. I made Mongolian beef for dinner, which has a lot of soy sauce (albeit low sodium but still) so lots of salt. Yummy, delicious salt!

Nothing to knock me off track today, at least. A fairly normal day is in store.

Yesterday's food:
B: Usual
L: Nachos, coke
D: Mongolian beef, sesame green beans, iced tea
DS: Grapes

Doesn't look like much, but I ate waaaaaaay too much at lunch. Time to get back on track. Shouldn't be hard the next few days as I don't really have anything to worry about. I have to help with after prom but that's not all night so I don't need to eat in the middle of the night (popcorn, pizza are going to be offered).

I have my first-ever paying photography gig this coming Sunday. A student of mine wants senior pictures but all the companies are expensive. So, she and her mom asked me to do it :) I thought that was a nice compliment to my photography skills. Not that you've ever seen them on this site. I should post a picture just for gratuitous fun. Here ya go:

Wait, I'm not good with this yet so please be patient haha.

That's Anchovy wearing his Sunday best. Isn't it adorable?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arts Festival

That's right, the Downtown Arts Festival has come to town!

We decided to go down yesterday evening. A few of my students were performing in the "Idol" contest so I figured I could watch them perform, get some interesting food, and see some art.

I didn't bank on seeing that many of my students there! It was weird. Former and current. I ran into...let's see...nearly 10 of them! Plus siblings, parents, and some of H's relatives. All those people there, milling around, and you still manage to find someone you know ;) I love OKC.

We ended up eating there. I got the prime rib sliders and split the drunken fries with H. They were very well seasoned and had some kind of sauce on them. The sliders were definitely tasty. He got a bacon-wrapped chicken stick that I probably should have eaten haha. I did come home and have some grapes so I had another fruit in.

There is just too much going on right now--today I'm taking a band student to the State solo contest which means I'll be eating lunch at Eskimo Joe's. I'm sure they have some sort of chicken or beef something that I can get. We'll see how I do.

Yesterday, I received a compliment in an email from a parent. Then later, a student told me I had "pretty eyes." Now, this student isn't one of mine, I was simply getting their class set up since their sub was running late. I see him all the time, and we know who each other is...but frankly, I was a little creeped out by that! I didn't know if I was supposed to be flattered or suspicious. It's sad that that's my reaction, but we're talking teenagers here, and most often things like that are carefully calculated manipulative devices! However, I'll just put the compliment in my compliment bank and roll on ;)

Food for yesterday:
B: Usual, but with fresh strawberries since they are in season and less expensive
S: Peanuts
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: a piece of gooey butter cake (these are the kinds of things that I will splurge on, for my sanity, and it was AH-MAZING)
D: Prime rib sliders (small) split the drunken cheese fries with H, a small Coke
DS: Grapes

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't judge me...

I ate a Twix yesterday. My lunch was icky and I was still just bone-tired from the trip and it was all I could think about! I was also still quite wobbly and sick feeling...some of the kids complained of the same thing, so I felt less old, at least.

Here was my food:
B: Usual
S: Cheese stick
L: Chicken thigh, zucchini (I realized it was still raw after taking a bite...blech)
S: Twix
S2: Some chicken wings (not the best choice but at least they had no sugar)
D: Salmon croquettes and roasted asparagus, water
DS: Grapes

Not a great day. However, after coming off that trip, I'm glad I at least got a couple of veggies and fruit in there! That was an improvement. Today will hopefully be better.

I got a lovely email from a parent about their band kid. Succinct and simple, but it certainly has touched my heart:

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the band. "Child" waffled before school started this year on whether or not he wanted to stay in band. We are pleased to say that he has not had another doubt about his participation since working under your direction. Your enthusiasm and passion has rekindled his interest this year.

Aw. It almost made me tear up a little. I wasn't feeling too dedicated yesterday, I was so tired! I have to go to Stillwater this week and miss yet another day of school for my one child who's going to State solo contest. Which is great. It's just hard missing 4-5 days in one month.

And while we're at it, where the hell did April go, anyway? It's almost gone already :(

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday-Sunday, April 16-18

You know, I just realized the previous post had the wrong day on was supposed to be Thursday. I guess I was too unmotivated to change it ;)

So, this weekend was a success. I will not list my food as it was not good; however, I'm up two pounds and that should correct itself pretty quickly. I can say that my stomach has been in a state of distress ever since we left home!

I learned about roller coaster hangovers this weekend. If the phrase doesn't already exist, I'm coining it now. After riding the Runaway Mountain a second time, I found out that the world can move in all directions when you're dizzy, not just around you. This time it moved side to side. I felt like my brain was literally rocking back and forth in my mind. I called it a day after that and nursed a Sprite. I figured my body was telling me I'd had enough.

Well, I hadn't ridden a roller coaster in probably 12 years or so--don't judge me!

The kids were great and they brought home some trophies. I'm very proud of them and their accomplishment. I am also very proud of their behavior. Our bus driver slipped and suffered a head injury and the kids were very patient and gave up their evening dinner out so the driver could go see a doctor for her head and hand. They were only concerned about her well-being and what we needed to do about her seats getting wet (we were standing in significant rain at this point). They were also punctual and caused no problems. They even let me hang out with them a little at the park.

So, besides all the awful food I ate, it was a good trip. Back on track today--my lunch is cooking away (chicken and zucchini) and my strawberries are thawing for breakfast.

My digestive system is going to thank me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Unmotivated Wednesday

After a long day at work (there was a special event going on all day) I decided to have some fun food for dinner. H and I have a love of Freddy's Frozen Custard (for me, it's especially about the highly seasoned fries) and there's one pretty close, so I got us that.

It was tasty. I won't lie. But damn if I didn't feel so damn full all evening!

Food for yesterday (note the distinct lack of vegetation)
B: Usual
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: Split a bag of Reese's Pieces with two students (they were kind enough to do that, I know it was SO HARD for them. This is about the only candy I like)
D: Freddy's--#1 combo with a Coke.

Today I embark on a journey to Dallas for a band trip. My first-ever overnight (2 nights, even) with a group that I am the director for. This should be interesting. At least I have really good kids and they know if they screw it up this time, none of them will go on a trip ever again. They believe me when I say things like that. It's so cute.

I am looking forward to this trip for several reasons. A. I loved Six Flags as a kid. B. I haven't been to Six Flags since I was a teenager. C. We are going to Medieval Times and I haven't been since I was a teenager. D. This is probably the only vacation I am going to get this year.

So, I think I will have funnel cake. Maybe. It's been years so I don't even know if I like it that much anymore. Maybe I'll just nibble off a kid's plate. While they aren't looking. And then take it and run away.

So, I'm off of here until Sunday. Don't be surprised if I don't put the food I eat up here...either I won't remember it all or I'll be too embarrassed to share ;)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14

It was an ok day at work. Yearbook staff is coming up with great ideas for next year. Band rehearsal was meh...they aren't "getting" the music, not the point of it. They are all just kind of playing their own thing and it isn't working. I gave them some food for thought at the end of rehearsal...for the second day in a row...about why conductors even exist (how music is interpreted differently by different people, and 40 people all playing different interpretations of the same piece won't work, so there's one person in charge of the interpretation and everyone follows them, and they are the conductor, and that we are flapping our arms around in an effort to build better looking arms, etc.) and it seemed a few of them were like, "oh, that's why she does this."


But, whatever. I don't really care about placing at Six's a relaxed contest and I'm hoping mostly for insight and for the kids to have a good time to help build morale for the future.

Food yesterday:
B: Usual
S: Cheesestick
L: same as yesterday
D: A slew of ribs, vegetable medley

Damn, I ate a lot of ribs. I did notice yesterday that I am not thinking about ice cream/sweets anymore and instead think, gee, what protein do I want for dinner tonight? Interesting change. That's why I picked up the ribs. I did not want chicken! And, of course, when I said something about cravings on Facebook people immediately went to the pregnancy side of the rainbow. Um, hello, have you guys met me? So not doing that right now. For so many reasons, mostly financial and partially personal (not really sure I'm ready for that kind of commitment). That was a little frustrating. But, to their credit, I haven't talked all that much on facebook about my weight loss journey (god, that's such an overused phrase, isn't it?) because I post stuff here. I have mentioned how all my pants are fitting looser, and people have commented/liked that. Guess not everyone pays as much attention.

Well, it's only 6am and I'm going to go dry my hair. We have a special event at the school early early this morning and I need to be there with a camera in hand. I've not taken early dawn photos before so we'll see how I do.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday

I'm really horrible at titles, aren't I?

So, the clock is ticking down on Six Flags. I think that will be my day to have whatever food-wise because the options don't exactly scream "I'm healthy and not loaded with empty carbs." I think I can handle Medieval Times just fine...chicken, potato...pass the pastry off to a happy child...

So, the weight is actually coming off. Down 7.2 pounds (I said I'd finally get to say 7 pounds on here eventually). It's not flying off, but it is working its way down. Waist, mid-belly, and hip measurements are working their way down, too. Pants are getting loose. It's a nice feeling. I swear my face feels thinner but that might just be psychological.

Yesterday's food was a success:
B: Usual
S: Cheese stick
L: Leftover hunk of meatloaf, roasted zucchini
D: Lemon chicken, broccoli with homemade cheese sauce, 1 slice cantaloupe (fruit of the was all right. I also left it out all night. Hope it's okay)
DS: Small serving peanuts with heath bar bits

I'm quite hungry this morning. I have hungry days. I just have to stay out of the teacher area where the Wednesday donuts are.

Two days until Six Flags!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, Monday

Monday was fine. Nothing spectacular or awful.

B: Usual
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: Peanuts
S2: Had a mini muffin right before teaching a piano lesson, the mom does a dinner service out of her house and they were a new flavor. Plus, it was mini! Peach flavored. We decided it needed cinnamon.
D: Meatloaf, roasted zucchini, sliced tomatoes

Water all around.

I'm getting kind of excited for the Six Flags trip my band is's pretty much the only vacation I'm going to get this year, so I guess I'd better have a good time! I love Medieval Times and always loved Six Flags when I was younger, so I guess I can revert to an easier time in my life :P

Noticing several pairs of pants are fitting looser. Put on a pair of khakis I haven't worn since the fall (mostly because I don't like khakis) and they fit quite a bit looser. I probably could have pulled them off without unbuttoning them. There was definitely room to spare. The scale isn't moving as fast as I had expected while following this way of eating; however, I am allowing carbs and there have been more "fun meals" than originally planned, and I'm sure that's what's up. So, I'm going to eat as clean as I can through Thursday and make good breakfast choices while on our trip. I'll be at the mercy of Medieval Times and Six Flags after that!

Have a good 'un.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here's one to think about

I'll list today's food and then get to my deep thoughts for the day.
B: Out at Classen Grill--scrambled eggs, 4ish ounces of ham, some potatoes, iced tea. I took one taste of the bread and decided it wasn't good enough to be worth it!
L: None, breakfast was really late
S: Cheese stick
D: Steak, 2 roasted roma tomatoes
DS: Tried a whole grain blueberry muffin--I made a ton of muffins to take to the band tomorrow, and an entire pan of mini blueberry muffins stuck. BLAH.

Okay, here's my deep thought:

When I was growing up, I occasionally had episodes of sleep walking/talking/hallucinations. I would have entire conversations with my mother after having fallen asleep. I would also awake with a start after "seeing" a spider on the wall or one coming down from the ceiling.

As I grew up, I had these from time to time. When I lived with my sister in college, I don't recall the hallucinations or sleepwalking being a problem. She was a heavy sleeper so even if they did happen, she probably wouldn't have noticed.

After I moved in with H (still dating at the time), I started having the hallucinations/sleepwalking/talking episodes again. This was my first year teaching, one of the most stressful and awful years of my life. I remember waking up one night, yelling at him about how he "broke the saxophone." He was just sitting there in bewilderment...I think it was the first time I had done that in his presence. I was so embarrassed I broke into tears and ran back to bed.

After we got married, the hallucinations got more frequent. One night, I was so convinced that the "spider" I "saw" on the wall next to the bed was real, I had H check the bedroom and all the sheets before I would go back to bed, like a child. I would awake with a start, and many times I would be across the room before I even knew what I was doing.

It's nice to know I can move that fast if necessary, I guess.

I would also have awful, awful nightmares. One that stuck with me was that there was a hole in the ceiling above our bed, where a light or fan might be (but there wasn't) and snakes were pouring out of it, onto the bed and us. It took H awhile to wake me up from that one; I was thrashing around yelling snakes! snakes! and wouldn't open my eyes. And no, I did not watch Snakes on a Plane that day, nor did that movie scare me in any way.

So, what's so strange, you might be wondering. Ever since we moved into this house, and that has been a solid six months, I have not had any night terrors/hallucinations, nor have I sleepwalked or talked really, other than the jibberish or nonsense talk I make when H comes to bed sometimes. No spiders (and believe me, the real ones reside all over this property...damn lake, blessing and a curse) no snakes, no yelling, no fear, nothing. I have to wonder, why has it suddenly stopped? My life is really no less stressful than it was. Was there bad juju at the apartment?

I just don't know. It's something I've been thinking about for awhile.

I still do have, however, that thing where you start to fall asleep and your body jerks you awake because it thinks it's dying or something. Most recently I did that, and I remember I was thinking about going up some stairs and I caught my foot on one. I jerked so hard in the bed it startled the cat!

If anyone thinks they might have light to shed on this, feel free to comment away!


I wore sunscreen yesterday! I guess I just didn't reapply as much as I needed to. But, the car wash was a success!

Yesterday's food (mind you, I was washing cars from 10 until 4, in the sun, and had few choices for food!)

B: Usual
S: Tiny bag of cheetos (parent brought snacks for the kids)
L: Arby's roast beef sandwich, some Coke
D: Schlotzkey's bbq chicken pizza...god, I had forgotten how good those are...some more Coke, and then I had wine. Lots of wine. I won't be doing that anymore.

I decided to let myself have the wine because as of yesterday, I had completed, successfully, three fundraisers for two of my groups, my newspaper kids placed at contest and our paper got the highest rating it can get, my job was renewed by the administration for next year, and yeah...I think that was all the good stuff. It was a busy, busy, busy week. And I felt like I deserved a treat.

I will be making muffins today for my students as a celebration for their financial success. There were so many kids there yesterday and they were so good! I posted their total on their facebook fan page and someone said "celebratory donuts?" and I said "Celebratory muffins?" And another student reminded me that I brought them muffins once last year and they loved it, though I don't recall having done that last year. But, it's a nice gesture and easy enough.

Today, lots of lounging. My mom might come and meet the new dog, since she's up visiting my sister. That would be cool. I can show her my lilac bush in the backyard. She loves lilacs as much as I do.

Hmm...I have got to get some food in my stomach. Have a lovely one.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday and Friday, April 8 and 9

Done with the Spaghetti Supper. There was drama, as always, with getting the food. But, it can be resolved!

I haven't been the best the past two days but unless I wanted to go hungry, I had to eat the spaghetti.

B: Usual
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: Nothing...that I can recall?
D: Spaghetti and some salad--tried to go light on the noodles, didn't have bread, unsweet iced tea to drink
DS: Had a piece of the most amazing lemon cake ever. If I'm going to splurge, then it needs to be on things like that!

B: Usual
S: Nothing...
L: Leftover spaghetti--we fed the whole faculty!
S: Nothing...
D: Seared pork chop, sliced tomatoes, roasted white asparagus (not my favorite but H likes them)
DS: more of that damn cake. It's just so good!

I ended up going out to do yardwork to enjoy the lilacs and to get away from the cake :P I also want wine, like crazy bad. But if I can make it to 9pm then I can't get any. H is up at the university watching the Spring Sing show. After working a 13 hour day, I was just happy to be home.

It was funny, though. I had thought on the way home, "I wish H could come home early today." When I opened the garage, there was his car! He said he just felt like coming home early today (he's been working long, hard hours, too) so we took Callie to the dog park and let her play in the water a bit. I also saw a puppy I met before, Butters, who just loves me. He's so cute but incredibly ADHD.

So, just chillin' tonight before the car wash tomorrow. I think I have no sunscreen...I'm going to have to go on a search! I will be as red as my OU shirt if I don't wear any. I'll be chasing the band kids down with it, too. They hate when I do that but it's one of my few "mom" moments. I do it at Field Day, too. They always thank me in the end when their friends are burned to a crisp!

Wish me luck--we have to make big bucks tomorrow!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can't think of a title this morning

I'm so happy! My weight is back down from its previous low, and it's a bit lower, too...PLUS I'm wearing a pair of jeans from the GAP that I haven't worn in...well, it's been so long I can't remember! I know they had a very short-lived rotation in my wardrobe. Totally jazzed about that.

You heard me. Jazzed.

I managed to get food together for the spaghetti supper tonight AND we finished the yearbook yesterday. That one student of mine heard I was angry with her and she ran in saying, "I have track copy! I have it!" I told her I had seen the 200 words, maybe, that she had typed and that at 10pt, it wasn't going to suffice, so she needed to get on it. I told her that I finished another page for her, as well. I think it got the point across that she was slacking. They don't like to make me angry. It's kind of funny, actually.

So, today, I will be scrambling around after lunch trying to get all the spaghetti supper stuff taken care of. Did I mention I'm cooking this shit? Yeah. One of the teachers and I (luckily, he has industrial kitchen experience) will be cooking enough food for 200 people ourselves. It's like that show Dinner: Impossible. We'll be all right, though...I think.

I guess you're wondering what I ate yesterday:
B: Same usual suspect...getting in a rut but I don't like eggs by themselves
L: Leftover caccitore
S: Peanuts, 1/4 of a City Bites pumpkin cookie (faculty meeting)
D: A strange concoction of chicken, shrimp, green beans and onions with a chinese-ish sauce, homemade egg drop soup (made it way too spicy)
DS: Some peanuts with heath bar bits. Later, a few more heath bar bits :P

I couldn't believe that Michael Lynch was almost kicked off American Idol last night. He had never even been in the bottom three! Wassup wit dat? The judges saved him, though. I'm rooting for Crystal Bowersox. I just love her.

Okay, gotta go pick up those lovely donuts for newspaper sales. In my smaller jeans!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I am wearing a pair of jeans that have been uncomfortably tight for awhile. w00t to me.

Yesterday started out great (leftovers from Monday) and went sharply downhill after I was unable after THREE calls to speak with the proper person at Sam's about the donations for my impending Spaghetti Supper AND after I realized that one of my yearbook editors has slacked off and her pages alone are threatening to push our ship date back a week, putting us very close to the end of school.

Sheesh. I also realized I hadn't updated the index. That would have been a disaster of epic proportions. I hate indexing so much.

Anyway, because of all this undue stress, I needed carbs and work in the yard to suppress it, and so, I allowed myself my free meal of Jambalaya! Yum. I <3 Zatarain's.

Food for yesterday:
B: The usual suspect
No snack
L: Microwaveable single-serve hormel chili with beans, cheese stick
S: Peanuts
D: Jambalaya w/shrimp and smoked sausage

I then went outside and worked in my little garden and planted lettuce, in an effort to feel like I at least touched a vegetable yesterday! Then, as I was drifting off to sleep, some storms rolled through. Yay.

So, hopefully today will be better. We have to get the yearbook pages in by 4pm to make our dead-last deadline. I'm getting emails from the company asking where the hell they are. Hopefully I will get ahold of the lady at Sam's. Otherwise, I'm going to be hitting up some work friends' pantries!

So, I'm off. In my smaller jeans. Maybe the stress is good for me hahahahaha.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Successful Monday

My kids did very well at their spring media event--we received Highest Honors for our paper and I had two girls place first in their on-site contest categories. It's nice to feel validated. One of the girls is my current editor, who competed in the unsigned editorial contest. Recently, there was a bit of a blow-out with the student council about an editorial she wrote (which didn't just slam the stuco; in fact, it hardly even did that but they took it very personally) so she said, "Take THAT, STUCO!!!"

It was funny. They were so into it, too. Which is nice.

Food was good yesterday, too, despite having to eat at Wendy's for lunch.

B: Usual yogurt breakfast
S: Half a cheesestick (the texture was all wrong after it got warm in my purse!)
S: Some peanuts, a small amount
L: Southwest taco salad from Wendy's, sans tortilla strips and sans dressing
S: Few more peanuts
D: Chicken caccitore--chicken thighs, tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers, mushrooms in a rich sauce with balsamic, chicken broth, tomato paste, and a little butter to thicken. Yum.

Put the two pounds back on that I lost last week, but I'm waiting for them to fall off again after a few days of better eating. Two steps forward, one back, I guess.

Today: Yardwork. I need to do it. I hate lugging 40lb bags of anything but I'm going to have to do it. And before any storms come through.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekends are the bain of my existence

Not a good weekend, food-wise, not at all. Great weekend, otherwise. I got a lot done, and I managed to hold myself back from planting any flowers until mid-April. It's a rule my mom instilled in my heart and mind as a youngster. I've always held to it.

I did buy potting soil, though.

So, yesterday, at my in-law's house, that thing happened to me that every overweight girl dreads. That one moment when you think your face is going to melt off because you're blushing from embarrassment while you go find more alcohol. That one question that can send a person who's enjoying her evening off into either a deep crying spell or an eating binge.

Yup, you guessed it. Someone asked me "When are you due?"

I'm about due to slap you across the face, you jackass. That's what's due.

The conversation went like this:

"When are you due?" (I heard, "What did you do?")

Upon inspection of nothing wrong, I said, "Huh?"

"When are you due?"

"I'm not??..."




"Yeah..." I go off to find more wine.

The man that asked me this was going to get a stern talking to by his wife, because she, according to herself, had fielded that question a couple of times--once after her daughter was born and then again years later. I haven't been asked that in years...

The kicker is, I was asked that 40lbs ago. I can't win. Shit.

So, out of pure selfishness and self-consciousness, I am not going to list my food. I sort of listed Saturday's already, anyway. I did manage to only have firsts at Easter dinner yesterday, seeing as the above question was asked right before I was going to go sit to eat.

I did manage, however, to not bury myself in brownies or other dessert offerings. Or more wine. I just went home and had a glass of water and called my mom to take my mind off it. H did a good job of making me laugh at the couple's expense, but I will save what he said for more private conversation. It was pretty damn funny, though. I appreciated his efforts.

Today I'm off to a local university for a media event for my newspaper kids. I will be armed with a notepad and writing utensil, a cheesestick and some peanuts and will opt for a salad for lunch. We'll see what the student union has to offer.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Guess I "fell off the wagon" this weekend. PMS sucks. Working all day at Sonic sucks. We did make $314.76, though, which is a really good day for us, considering I only had 2-3 kids at a time! It was nice and steady.

Let's see, yesterday I ate: popcorn chicken, some soft serve, and three pieces of pizza. Yup. That's it. Friday night I had all good intentions of not drinking any alcohol and staying away from the chips. I decided that it was a get-together, I don't go very often, and that since Mexican food is my absolute favorite, I would feel worse for depriving myself of something I love than I would feel about having some of those foods.

I didn't eat all of it, at least. I left quite a bit on my plate. I had some sorbet, too. Figured it was high in sugar but it wasn't something I normally get. At least I stayed away from fried ice cream and cheesecake things!

But, today shouldn't be bad at all. Easter is easy--ham, some asparagus, a nice salad, I'm making squash casserole (and I won't have a ton of it, probably) and some water. I have no problem staying away from the boxed wine at the in-law's. Haha.

So, if I don't lose any weight this week, I won't be shocked or disappointed. I'll consider this weekend as a learning curve and move on.

That said, if I do lose weight, there will be a happy dance in my bathroom tomorrow morning.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thunder makes me happy

I awoke this morning to flashes of lighting and deep, rumbling thunder. Oh, and the wind. The crazy, thought my roof was going to get sucked off wind. Ah, Spring. I love you.

Last night, I had to seriously fight the urge to go get ice cream. Damn PMS. I found other ways to stave off the need for that creamy sweet deliciousness. One of them was peanuts mixed with just a sprinkle of Heath bar bits (find them in the baking section of your local grocery! They make great cookies!). The other was less G-rated. Ha.

Yesterday's food:
B: Same as the day before
S: Cheese stick
L: Leftover bbq roast, green beans
S: Did I eat a snack? I can't remember...oh, wait, it was grapes
D: Steak w/horseradish sauce (milk, butter, horseradish and just a little bit of flour to thicken), roasted asparagus (oops, undercooked it)
DS: Peanuts w/a sprinkle of Heath bar bits

So, I'm doing decent at getting in fruits and veggies. Tonight I have a get together at a place here in the city. Mexican food is my downfall, but I will do my best to either avoid the chips or limit them. No alcohol, the psoriasis isn't itching nearly as much since I gave it up! I also got a scrip for that, so that helps.

Today, I don't have to work--yay, Good Friday! My school didn't take off as many days as all the others around here, so we were able to retain a day off between Spring Break and the end of the school year. Tomorrow I carhop so I'm glad to have today to get some things done. Massage, oil change, maybe some cheap old navy or ross shopping, a little cleaning around the house. Get together tonight. It's a good day :)