Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching up...

I've not been very good with the new fruits and veggies thing, so I'm playing a little catch up.

Tonight, I'm trying crowder peas (sauteed with onion and bell pepper, with chicken broth and chili flake). I've always been black eyed pea averse (plant and performing group) so we'll see how this goes!

I have purchased honeycots and pluots.

This is what I found on honeycots: "HONEYCOT apricots are large and firm, with bright orange background color. Most varieties feature an attractive red blush. The deep orange flesh ripens from the inside-out and is flavorful and juicy." Who knows...

Pluots are, I think, a cross between plums and apricots. I've not had a plum or apricot since childhood so we'll see how this goes, too!

And here. We. Go!!!!!!

I was encouraged to take before and after photos, so, here they and my statistics are.

Day 1. Waist (under rib cage) 32"
Waist (over belly button) 42"
Hips 45" (dayum!)
Weight (didn't take first thing, had a snack) 188.4lbs (disappointment...I was down to 184.8)

Please excuse the very enthused expression on my face! I don't like taking my picture. Especially after I haven't been awake for very long :P

Fit test results:
Switchkick: 84 (not bad!)
Power jacks: 22
Power knees: 60
Power jumps: 7
Squat things (I'm going to have to double check what those are called, obviously): 3 rotations (4 jumps per)
Suicides: 3
Push up jacks: 0. Nada. Nothin'.
Low plank obliques: 22

My sister said she almost threw up after the fit test. I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes. I fell over during the recovery stretch. I tried to show H what a push up jack was and then I couldn't get back up off the floor. I sat on one knee for a couple of minutes telling myself to get up and my legs flat out refused. I think that's why I couldn't stop laughing.

I'm regretting eating yogurt.

Time to shower and go buy cross trainers. That was fucking brutal. There's no nice way to say it. I know if I stick with it and eat right, I'll see results. You should see my grocery list and how many fruits and veggies are on there. And protein. Yay.

And here I go. Okay, legs. You have to listen to me this time. Yup. Here I go. Moving along. Any time now...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Insane in the membrane/Insane in the brain!

Remember that awful song?

Going to be on hiatus this weekend. Got a lot of fun plans (furniture shopping, cleaning, Paseo Arts Festival maybe, lunch with Mom tomorrow) and I won't be at the computer much.

Monday, I go Insane. I will post (at the suggestion of a reader) some before pictures. Later, the after pictures will be posted (duh).

See you all on Monday.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two steps forward, one step back

It always seems like that is my weight loss routine. Lose a few pounds, gain some back. If I wasn't doing things like going to Eischen's, it would probably be easier ;) However, life sometimes revolves around going out to eat with people.

Tonight I have a wine party. Luckily, my sister will be there and I have to drive so that will curb my drinking a bit. I'll keep it light today, though. Well, not too light. I will be drinking. I don't know. It's too damn early.

I'm ready to get this weight off, though. I'm tired of it. Yesterday everything I put on felt funny, like it didn't fit right. I just need to stop making excuses. I look forward to starting the Insanity workout. I managed the other day to finally get over to my gym and cancel my membership because I'm not using it. I like the gym itself, I just never make it there. Nice ladies, though. No pressure, come back if you can, thanks for stopping by kind of atmosphere. Love that.

Yesterday's food was meh. The parents brought us lunch but I was consumed with yearbook sales and by the time I got there, the only thing left was pasta and a couple of different sauces, and a tiny piece of some kind of chicken lasagna. I had that and a little salad. The only drinks they had were sweet, and Diet Coke. So, I had a little sweet tea. I had a piece of retirement cake because frankly, the lunch for me was lackluster and I felt forgotten about. Dinner was better.

All food for yesterday:
B: Yogurt, fresh blueberries, a sprinkling of grape nuts
S: bite of a donut (yes, just a bite)
L: See above
S: some chili and a cheesestick (really dissatisfied with lunch, it was not much and I didn't like it)
D: Street tacos (3) with flank steak, avocado, sour cream, a tiny sprinkling of cheese and cilantro, black beans. I made them in corn tortillas. They were yummmmmmmmmy.

Mom's finally coming to meet Callie on Sunday. I'm going to make PW's crispy yogurt chicken (a favorite of mine and H's), a spinach salad, rice pilaf I think, and strawberry shortcake. Keeping it light because it's going to be warm. All very yummy.

Okay, last day of finals ahead, and I've just got a few yearbooks to sell and the rest to hand out (you would think the 40 or so kids who haven't gotten their books would come get them!) and I'm done with that shit. SO over it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Was there a weekend in there, somewhere?

Yeah, you haven't heard from me in awhile. The weekends are quickly becoming a nemesis. However, it was nice to blow off some steam, hang out with some friends, play some friendly drinking games, and get the house in order.

We bought a steam cleaner this weekend. Smartest move ever made. The carpet looks so much better in the living room where so much red dirt was tracked in. I might tackle some other rooms tonight! H already did the hallway and dining room.

Went shopping at Ross today. Tried on some cute dresses...too bad things fit so strangely on me when it comes to dresses. One was really cute--brown on white print, thin linen/cotton layers, with a puckered middle that kind of hugged everything in...but there was this huge amount of fabric on my shoulder blades. It definitely wasn't supposed to be like that. It was a LOT of fabric...maybe it was made for someone with a huge hunchback? It was weird.

So, I walked out of the store with a $9 shirt. Gray, shiny pattern, tight band on the bottom. Not too billowy in the middle. Short sleeves, deep V. Going out kind of shirt.

So, seeing as I am hugely embarrassed by what I consumed this weekend, I'm going to start fresh with today. Too bad we had parties for several hours at school since it's the last day of classes (only three half days of finals...time to get that room packed!)

B: Few sausage balls, some fruit, a little bit of bacon. (I managed to avoid waffles, french toast, donuts, and muffins).
L: Half a hamburger, a few french fries with ketchup, iced tea (see how it's not the entire meal? Yay, me!)
D: It's going to be: Marinated grilled steak over a spinach salad with tomatoes, shaved parm, toasted garbanzo beans (new veg) with a red wine vinaigrette. I'll probably have some fruit, as well.

Honestly, this sudden 90 degree weather does not put me in a cooking mood. Most of the meals I planned this week are fast in the kitchen.

Tomorrow? Eischen's. Yummy, yummy fried chicken and okra, cold, cold beer. Going out with some friends so that's the free meal of the week!

Hooray! Classes are finally out!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

That's right folks--graduation is tomorrow ;) I still have to deal with the seniors on Monday when they get their yearbooks (and some of them are getting very impatient about that!) but otherwise, I'm pretty much done.

My editor kindly invited me to her graduation party tonight, which I thought was really very sweet of her. She's not a very affectionate person, verbally or physically (and that's something I can totally relate to) so that means a lot.

Even if she invited all her teachers! Since the senior class didn't include me in their brunch, I think I'll go. I said something to another teacher about how the senior class hates me, and one of my band seniors was walking by and he took a pause. I know they don't hate me...but sometimes they treat me like a non-entity, at least my Capstone class, about 3/4 of them, does. And that's really frustrating and somewhat hurtful. But they'll be gone soon, and for my schedule, so will Capstone. I'll be foraying into another field in which I know nothing about: web design. Yikes.

I did fine with food yesterday. I was humming off the fact that I was wearing those size 14 pants. I'm so happy to see measurements going down. I'm getting pretty excited for Insanity. I'm not excited about summer classes ;) I guess next Friday I will go up and pay as much of my tuition as I can and get a parking permit.

I did get pizza for dinner, and it was a treat. I went to Papa Murphy's, where you take and bake your pizza. It's much less greasy feeling to me. I also got a big salad. I will be having some pizza and salad for lunch today. And this time, H didn't eat it!

B: McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfait, a little OJ (this is a nice breakfast change for me...a little juice once every couple of all reality, I was just running late!)
L: Leftover bbq, green beans
S: Nothing...
D: Pizza from PM's, big salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Water.

I did a little better with water. I've got to remember to take my bottle out of the room with me to fill it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday--my favorite day

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. It carries all the promise of the weekend, but none of the guilt ;)

Yesterday was fine. I got bitched at by my principal before school even started. It's been a nice 5 year run with him, but frankly, I'm pretty glad he's retiring. I think his new position at a local university will suit him well. I would like to say that no, I do not exaggerate and yes, the windows in the band room really did come off track by accident. No one wanted them to. No one in there wants to have the windows off because it's been raining a lot and that is bad for the instruments. When the window is moving and starting to slide out by itself (and yes, we watched it and you could hear it squeaking as it moved) that is a problem. I did not make that up, principal. Do not make me out to be a fool.

I told the students that I wanted that window back in before class started, and that I wasn't going to get reamed for something I didn't even do. I think I even managed a chin quiver so they would think I was going to cry from the principal yelling at me ;) The window was back in before class even began.

This morning I received an email from one of my new newspaper staffers. He was accepted into a summer journalism institute that is normally reserved for upper classmen and he's only a sophomore next year! I'm so proud that he tried even though he was younger than the cutoff. Definitely a determined child :)

Yesterday's food was fine, as well. I did have some ice cream in the evening...well, frozen yogurt. One of those Braum's mixes. We dodged every storm (seriously, the sun never stopped shining) and it was so damn hot. H is in denial about how humid it is in this house. We have got to turn on the A/C this weekend when it's 89.

I am going to make a more conscious effort to drink more water today. I was the time I got home.

B: Usual
S: Bite of a donut...yes, just a bite
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: Some chicken (leftover from the other night...maybe 2oz)
D: Salmon croquettes, roasted asparagus
DS: Braum's chocolate mix with heath bars

It doesn't look like a lot of vegetables...but I ate a bang load of asparagus. And there was ketchup...Reagan said it was a veggie ;)

Off to work! The seniors get "robed" today. My newspaper editor chose next year's editor to robe her. That's the second time I've had a current graduating editor choose a future editor to robe them. I think that's a pretty cool tradition!!!

Edited to Add: I am wearing a pair of Gap trousers that I haven't worn in well over a year today to work. Comfortably. And the pockets don't stick out from my hips being too big. Sweet!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, yesterday was interesting. I had forgotten there would be EOI testing in my classroom ALL DAY. I didn't have a home :( I got like, no work done. And I had to eat a crappy snack because mine was locked up in the room where there was testing. And my students weren't able to get any work done on their finals, which isn't good. Glad I gave them 2 more days than I had originally planned!

Weighed myself this morning and I'm back down to my lowest weight so far. I just had to get back on track for a couple of days. I also did measurements and those are slowly inching (hahahaha pun intended) down, as well. Especially my hips. I look forward to getting to shop for some new pants.

H told me last night the OK legislation voted to slash teacher's salaries by 10%. I honestly don't know how financially we are going to make it next year. I guess all these kids asking me for piano lessons are going to get their wish...if only my current students' parents would pay me! I've been teaching some with no pay since freaking February. Parents are either never home or they don't come in to the room for lessons and one parent was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and I hate to hound them about it, but dangit, I'm not a free babysitter. We get paid peanuts at my school to work there (I doubt I'll get my 15 hours of Master's classes increase this year even though I'll have the hours this time) so I don't know how much more they can cut our pay and expect people to stay there. Blah blah blah.

Food yesterday
B: Usual
S: Salt and Vinegar chips, small bag (thank you government teacher for letting me have them for free! They sell lots of different snacks for the senior class)
L: Chili, cheesestick
D: Crockpot bbq beef, 2 servings of green beans
DS: Strawberries with cool whip (coo-whhhhip!)

And I'm STARVING this morning. I'm also hoping that I can get home before any bad weather starts but we have a faculty meeting so who knows how late I'll be at work. I'm also supposed to teach a lesson...blah blah blah.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post #84!!!11!!!

I thought I'd celebrate a random number of blog posts instead of the usual 50, 100, 1000...84 seemed random enough to me ha.

Yesterday was not the greatest work day. I screwed up something with the yearbook (which was fixable but it'll cost us money, of course), a bunch of kids said things like "Do we HAVE to play at graduation? I wanted to sit with my friends..." in band, and the computers were being so stupidly slow because our server is a piece of shit. I also fear I stepped on someone's toes with a grant application and that I might have pissed her off...I apologized in an email but I was really doing things the quickest way possible. I also lost my EOI (end of instruction) test list and forgot I was supposed to proctor one hour and the teacher came and hunted me down. Sheesh. I was so preoccupied with all of my other mistakes I totally forgot about that. So, not the greatest of days.

Food was...better. Had some wine in the evening because I cooked with it and I absolutely hate wasting a bottle by letting it sit after being opened. It never tastes the same...especially when we're talking about $10 wine. That kept me up all night. Crashed easily when I went to bed but at awake. And hot. I also hardly drank any water yesterday (the water fountain near me has gone kaput) and I totally feel it today. So I'm chugging along already. Hoping for a better day.

I think I found someone to fix my computer. I told him I would cupcakes. He said he would do it for "balls." After a pause, I realized what he was talking about--Oreo truffles! I made them for his class for winning the clothing drive earlier this semester. I told him we had a deal. He likes the Key lime variety. So, I'm probably going to put that thing in my car and haul it up to the school.

Food for yesterday:
B: Usual with fresh strawberries
L: Leftover thigh, leg and some black beans, cheesestick
D: Steak with red wine reduction, (grossly overcooked) zucchini, and a salad made with lettuce from my own little patch, some tomatoes, and a homemade red wine vinaigrette. And too much wine.

I also woke up scratching the hell out of my legs, which is a reaction to the makes my psoriasis flare (I sound like an old woman). So, I'll be putting the bottle away again for awhile. Guess I finally hit my limit.

Oh, and my wonderful sister is going to let me borrow her INSANITY workout DVD's after she finishes her first 30 days (you're supposed to take a break between, it seems) so I don't have to spend the big bucks on it! I look forward to starting. I always enjoyed (and hated) personal training and getting my ass kicked repeatedly. I don't know why. I liked Shelly, though. I wish I could afford those again but cest la vie. Time to get ready for my (hopefully much better) day.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays...

Damn, yesterday was NUTS! We're lucky--some golfball sized hail but it didn't do any major damage. I was jeans shopping with my sis at Quail Springs and we got out of there just in time to see the hail core and literally run to the car and drive to hear apartment across the street. We put our cars under the awnings there and waited it out. Driving home I saw ice fog (so thick at times I couldn't see past the nose of my car), thick hail on the roads, and water deep enough to make me wary of driving through. I actually did a fist-pump after getting through one and gave a driver who was stopped, facing the opposite direction a thumbs up to let them know that if my Fit could get through, surely they would make it in an SUV.

Others, I know, were not so lucky. I know there was large hail near my school, so we are going to see what the damage is there. The orchestra teacher texted me last night to tell me it didn't look bad; however, we have a messed up window in the music room that was haphazardly covered with a trash bag since the window literally fell in (luckily it did not shatter but it was pretty funny how I found it leaning against a stack of chairs last Monday morning). There weren't any instruments over there, but the heat and a/c unit is. It's somewhat shielded there, so I'm hoping that nothing too bad happened. What a mess, though. I know so many people who's cars were totaled, shattered, etc. yesterday. I am SO lucky.

Today I think I'm going to cancel my gym membership. It's $48 a month that I am wasting by not going. I'm pretty sure I've even lost the key card. I know when it's hot this summer I won't drag my ass over there, especially when I'm in classes that are probably going to be stressing me out. So, I'm going to try a new at-home workout: Insanity. My sister has been doing this for a few weeks with great results. I've done this kind of working out before, with a personal trainer and in a class, so I know what I'm up against. I also know that I don't have to be in perfect shape to do it--I just need to keep going.

So, June 1 will be my start day. 60 days will take me to the end of July (likely will be on vacay at that time but I'll get close) and hopefully back to how I want to look. I can start a new school year with the new me. So, I'm asking you to hold me to it, dear readers and blog.

Yesterday's food:
B: Nothing...late
L: Half a cheeseburger, 2 roasted new potatoes (seriously, only half!)
D: "Pollo loco" (chicken marinated in lime juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, onion, jalapeno, and an array of spices) a breast and a wing of that, and some black beans with a little cheese and pico on top
DS: Fresh strawberries with cool whip (it keeps me from wanting ice cream!)

Today is a new day. No storms. No stress. No shit.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tug of war

My body aches from playing tug of war yesterday during Field Day. Too bad it had to be inside because it was so soggy outside. Four rounds of tug of war (2 won, two lost) and my back and left arm are in PAIN. Oh well.

So today, I paid off all my credit cards. It feels good. Now I just need to get my tuition paid. And get my computer fixed so I can actually work on it during the summer.

We got through band concert--they played SO well. I was and still am so proud of them. They have come so far not just this year, but over the last four. I finally got my fifth "teaching" assignment--I get to redesign the school website. I'm not intimidated at all...nope...not at all. I so know what I'm doing with that. (?) I've been told the board member that wants it done is willing to pay for outside help, and so I will be seeking it. I would love to get it to the point where the registrar and I only need to update content and add the creative stuff. That would be nice. The website needs to be streamlined pretty badly--some important things are 4 or 5 pages deep and hard to find. Getting to my school's newspaper is nearly impossible unless you know what you're doing and if we are going to go mostly digital next year then it needs to be accessible.

I've been playing a bit of tug of war with myself lately, as well. As you might have noticed, my food has not been posted, nor have there been any weight updates. I'm ready to get back on track today. There's no reason for me not to. All the stressful things in my life are over. School's almost out. All I have left to do is finish laying out a newspaper for print and distribute yearbooks (and I have help for both). I'm not looking forward to classes this summer but June at least looks to give me time to work on my curricula for next year and work out in addition to my class. July will be a bit more difficult.

I'm getting my hair colored today, in about 2 hours. More change for me is good right now. It gives me focus and inspiration to continue working on my body. Plus, I just want cool hair.

Time to attend to the dog and get the kitchen cleaned up. I'll post food later on. I'm going to force H to look at my computer with me today so hopefully I can post more often. He's always on the computer!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It finally happened!

Someone finally asked if I had been working out.

Well, no, not working out as much as I should (I can't find that key-card for the gym...guess I'm out the money for that) but it was nice that someone noticed!


I'm letting stress get to me. Zombie cat dreams, Bueno for dinner. Not a good combination. My weight is up four pounds from the lowest low I've had. Not good.

I have a piece of chicken baking for lunch as I type. Tomorrow night is concert...once I get past that, I'm home free, sort of. If I didn't have a $3K yearbook bill hanging over my head, I would probably rest easier. But, I do. I hate that shit. I would love yearbook if it didn't cost anything to do it.

Beyond all that, I'm just making poor choices and need to stop. I ate so much salt yesterday evening I look like I cried all through my sleep. My ring was stuck shortly after dinner, too, with the swelling. I guess I don't eat nearly as much salt as I used to!

So, here's the damage:
B: Usual
S: Some peanuts
L: Chili, cheesestick, grapes
D: Bueno--nachos, a small taco, some Coke
DS: A bite of chocolate cake

Yeah...vegetables? Hello? What the hell.

Today's choices should be much better:
B: Usual, but with blueberries
S: Don't know that I'll have one
L: Baked chicken breast, veg of some sort
S: Cheese stick
D: Grilled chicken, roasted beets (maybe) or green beans...probably the green beans, they are more perishable.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, yesterday was...interesting...I learned that I can fit all three cats, myself, and the dog in our tiny laundry room with room to spare. I had to put Extra in the washing machine, since she doesn't like the dog, but Anchovy just made himself at home in the closet shelving. In fact, he just followed me in there like it was no big deal, like we do that all the time. He's a little too smart sometimes...

After the storm passed, and the sun immediately came out, I watched the news and all the tornadoes and damage. It was impressive and awe-inspiring. I wish so many hadn't lost their homes or those 5 people who lost their lives. Tornadoes are something I have a love-hate relationship...I've never seen one myself, and always have wanted to, but if they could just stay in a field, where it's flat and I could see it without danger for myself or anyone else, then I would be happy!

I didn't eat much during the day, hence the large dinner you are about to witness. It was GOOD, though.

B: Usual, though I've added blackberries...they are a bit bitter
S: Did I eat one?
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: A small piece of chocolate cake (leftover from Mother's Day)
D: NY strip steak w/mushroom sauce, pommes frittes, spinach salad w/shaved parm and lemon vinaigarette. Again, SO GOOD.
DS: More cake...blah. Stressful situation.

I didn't get much sleep last night, at least, not as fitful as I would like. I had a dream that I don't remember much of, except for the zombie cats that you had to pop their heads off to kill them. They literally made a "pop" sound in the dream. I woke up at exactly 3:00am and could not get that out of my mind. I also managed to scratch my nose right as I was falling asleep. I do not have long or sharp nails. It friggin' hurts, too.

I'm going to go look up dreams about zombies. You would think I would have had tornado dreams but noooooo. Zombie cats. I think it was because in this one classroom where they dissect cats, one of the vacuum-sealed cats is still on the counter, unused. It's really creepy and big. I try to avoid it if I can. Maybe that's it. Yeah.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Um, yeah...

So, you all haven't seen me for a few days. It's been a busy weekend of debauchery and drinking.

Thank goodness that has come to an end.

I had lost 10 pounds, weight's back up this morning by over 2 after all the awful eating and drinking I did this weekend, but I expect it to drop again after a few days of better choices.

This week I am going to try beets. Yup. Beets. The reddish-pink things my dad used to pull out of a jar that my sister and I both turned our noses up to. I think I am going to roast them...they are supposed to be good that way...? I'll have to hop on over to the food network site and find some way to prepare them.

This week is concert week for me. Yay! That means the year is inching ever closer to being over. Friday is Field Day, which means I don't have to teach--I just have to chase kids around with sunblock all day and watch them play. I can do that!

Well, I'm off to get ready for work. I don't really have much to say except that I'm ready to get back on track...this weekend was just awful!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sweet gestures

So, I told you all about how I took senior portraits for a student of mine. Well, yesterday, I got food! The mom came by 7th hour with a cool little flexible bucket that had a lasagna, french bread, a s'mores cake, and salad w/fixins inside. It was so sweet!

And it was tasty :) I'll be taking the cake up to the school for others to enjoy. We'll never be able to eat it on our own, anyway.

Yesterday, the only thing that tasted good most of the day was sweet stuff...the amount of drugs in my system, plus the crazy allergies, really threw off my taste buds. You know how that happens when you're sick? Yeah, that was yesterday, too. So, I had a little ice cream at the faculty meeting and it was SOOOOO worth it. It felt good on my ragged throat.

I felt a lot better when I got home, after taking an Exederin Migraine for what was quickly becoming a mind-blowing headache. Since I felt so much better, and H was out riding his bike, I thought I'd do some Wii Fit to both pass the time and get in some activity. It's been almost an entire year since I stepped on that little board. I'm 9.6 pounds lighter than the last time I used it! It weighed me less than my own scale did yesterday morning, about a whole pound. I don't know which one to believe. But, I'll take less any day! I thought I had put on more weight over the summer while in classes but I think it was just my own lack of knowing what I weighed to begin with. Whoops.

I did about 25 minutes on there. I unlocked a few more activities including one where you can keep doing the step while you watch tv for half an hour. It just keeps clicking through the remote so you know often to step. You can change how you step (side-side, left-right-right-left) to mix it up. Pretty cool :) I didn't do that one but I plan to in the future!

I also found out yesterday one of my students is auditioning for the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra Wind Symphony. I'm so excited for them! This is my first student ever to audition for it :) This is a student who might actually continue studying music after high school, yay!

All right. Without further adieu, here's yesterday's food. Mind you, I have managed to lose 8.8 pounds and yesterday morning I was able to put on a button-down that I haven't worn since the fall of '08 when H bought it for my birthday, so don't judge too harshly.

B: Usual
S: A little bit of an apple fritter
L: Chili, cheesestick (tasted weeeeeird to me)
S: A little cookie bar and a little bit of chocolate ice cream (meeting)
D: Lasagna, salad, few pieces of french bread, water
DS: S'mores cake

And a HUGE gas bubble from eating all the bread! It hurt so bad!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miserable and eating crap

My allergies yesterday went from bad to awful to unbearable. I look like I was hit by a truck or I cried for 12 hours, which is basically what I did. I know students are going to ask me over and over again today if I've been crying, what's wrong, etc. because my eyes are so puffy. I already ice packed them. Just to get some relief, I ended up taking a 24 hour Claritin D, and a sudafed allergy/sinus which had a different decongestant and antihistamine, and a shot of nasal steroid spray. I also did a sinus rinse. I hate doing that.


So, since everything tastes off and I thought I was going to be alone for dinner, I didn't make the best of choices. However, weight's still creeping downward.

Food from yesterday
B: Usual
S: Cheese its (the machine at this training seminar I had to go to would not give me the peanuts or trail mix I asked for, so mean. "Make another selection." Whatever)
L: Pepper steak--steak strips, bell peppers and onions in brown sauce, a little bit of rice, a couple of bites of an egg roll, and some egg drop soup and iced tea. (We went out after the training...I really restrained myself on that food)
D: Some nachos and a sprite

So, there you go. At least I did eat a lot of veggies at lunch.

Hopefully today will be better, and I'm taking a whole arsenal of allergy meds with me. I'll probably end up rinsing my sinuses one more time before I go to work. I don't know what to do about my puffy eyes except drink a ton of water, which I need to do given the amount of antihistamines I'm on right now.

Was it something I read about global warming making pollen worse?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Allergies suck

I can't believe that the cottonwood tree next door is just barely's going to be a hellish couple of weeks.

I don't understand--with shorter hair it seems like I'm always running late in the morning! So, I'm just going to post food and go:

B: Same
S: Peanuts
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: some nut cluster things a student brought me, not very much
D: Meatloaf, some leftover mac and cheese from dinner with in-laws, asparagus (I was stuffed...would have been better off without the mac but it was good)

And now, off to get ready for work! I have to go to some ELL training thing today so I can give them finals in a few weeks at school. Goodie.

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a new dawm, it's a new day, it's a new life...and I'm feeling...stuffy.

Oh, how I had hoped for a restful night. Alas, I did not get it. Oh well.

So, I have some work to do to correct a weekend of badness. My sister has inspired me to work out, seeing as she's getting great results eating a similar way to me and working out. But first, I need to be able to breathe!

Last night I planted some flowers in the yard. My mother in law dug up a bunch of stuff for me. I'm hoping some of it makes it. I would love to have some gladiolas, even though I can't really recall exactly what they look like. Hopefully they won't look like the dead dianthus all over my yard that the dog decided to dig up.

When she's in trouble with me, she gets called "the dog" and not her name. I don't claim her when she digs up stuff I spent good money on.

But, anyway, here's to a new week. You can always start over.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So, yesterday I got my hair chopped off. It's the shortest I've ever had it! But, I'm really happy with it. It's easy to style and I can actually do several things with it, so I'm happy.

Not feeling too well this morning--feel like I have a cold coming on, which makes me really unhappy. Maybe I'll get some soup today or something. We're supposed to go to H's parent's house for dinner. Here's to hoping that no one asks if I'm pregnant this time. I've retired that shirt since another person asked me the same question nearly 10lbs less if I was expecting. Maybe I can wear it another time...maybe not.

I do plan to get on the workout wagon again very soon. I would have gone this morning and had had plans to go, but not being able to breathe doesn't really put me in a cardio kind of mood. I netti-potted my sinuses and I can't really tell if that helped anything or not. My throat isn't sore but it feels funny. Maybe I'm just run down.

We got our tax return the other day so we've been paying off cards, the fridge, H's parents (they gave us a no-interest loan for our house down payment so we wouldn't have to disturb H's mutual fund) and very soon my summer tuition. It's nice to feel caught up financially. I didn't realize how much money I'd spent lately. But now, maybe we can feel normal again. And I can start putting big chunks into savings, which is great. I also applied for a debit card the other day so I won't be using credit anymore. I plan to give myself a budget of "fun" money every two weeks (paid twice a month) and I'll live off that. The rest, after car payment, gym, water bill, etc. will go into savings. Screw Dave Ramsey ;)

Food from yesterday;
B: Scrambled eggs w/sauteed mushrooms and green onions and cheese, bacon, 1 piece whole wheat toast with jam
L: 2 tamales from the Edmond Arts Festival
D: Leftover roast beef over a piece of whole wheat toast (shit on a shingle), leftover mashed potatoes, steamed fresh broccoli
DS: Some heath bar bits and peanuts

Haven't had breakfast yet today, not really hungry.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thursday and Friday, April 29 and 30

Busy week!

Yesterday I took some of my band kids to a contest to a place about an hour and a half or so away. They were great! We ate at Golden Corral, though. It wasn't too awful. Not like I remember, really, especially the layout, but it was all right.

Then last night I had to go to a bachelorette party. It was at the Melting Pot. Drinks were great, food was...meh. Maybe it was just the cheese we got (traditional swiss) because we weren't digging it. I also, again, tried a piece of cauliflower dipped in cheese. Should have liked was dipped in cheese! But that overwhelming dirt taste was something I could not dig. The kind where we cooked our meat was's an awful lot of work for the money. The dessert was great--we got the Snickers. OMG with the brownie piece it was amazing. But there were only two little brownie pieces. Boo.

So, suffice it to say, yesterday wasn't great. Thursday was fine.

B: Same
L: Same as the day before
S: Don't remember anything...
D: Crock pot roast beef, some mashed potatoes, peas

B: Yogurt parfait from McD's (had to leave super early for contest, and get gas before, didn't have time to make my own) some OJ
L: 2 chicken strips, some mashed potatoes and gravy, a little bit of mac and cheese, a couple of shrimp, and a mess of green beans. Soft serve and a small brownie. One roll. Too much Pepsi.
D: Melting Pot--some bread dipped in cheese, a little apple, some steak, some chicken, 2 shrimp, and a little pork, a caesar salad, and too many drinks. Oh, and the chocolate fondue. I didn't eat too much of that--a few pieces and I felt sick!

So, why am I up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning after getting home at 1am? I have a hair appointment at 8am, then an arts festival with my sister and lunch, then the Insanity workout I promised to do with her. I'm effing insane.

Yesterday I decided to go "shopping" in my closet and discovered that I could wear some things again, specifically a dress I'd put away for awhile. Still a little tight in the bust, but it'll do. I'm THISCLOSE to wearing some Ann Taylor Loft pants--they're like shiny denim trousers or something, but high-waisted on me, so a little awkward at the moment. I might see how I feel about this Insanity workout, or I might just force myself to go to my gym...I haven't been there since, oh, February. I'm paying for the damn membership. I just get home and don't want to go anymore. Excuses, Excuses. However, triumph in the closet!

And amazingly, my weight is the same this morning, though there is considerable bloat and I'm waiting for my cycle to start to help with that, and I'm going to get some iced tea to help perk me up a bit and rehydrate a bit while I sit in the chair for my hair.

Oh, and I have no idea what I'm doing to my hair today. No clue whatsoever. Adventure.