Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tug of war

My body aches from playing tug of war yesterday during Field Day. Too bad it had to be inside because it was so soggy outside. Four rounds of tug of war (2 won, two lost) and my back and left arm are in PAIN. Oh well.

So today, I paid off all my credit cards. It feels good. Now I just need to get my tuition paid. And get my computer fixed so I can actually work on it during the summer.

We got through band concert--they played SO well. I was and still am so proud of them. They have come so far not just this year, but over the last four. I finally got my fifth "teaching" assignment--I get to redesign the school website. I'm not intimidated at all...nope...not at all. I so know what I'm doing with that. (?) I've been told the board member that wants it done is willing to pay for outside help, and so I will be seeking it. I would love to get it to the point where the registrar and I only need to update content and add the creative stuff. That would be nice. The website needs to be streamlined pretty badly--some important things are 4 or 5 pages deep and hard to find. Getting to my school's newspaper is nearly impossible unless you know what you're doing and if we are going to go mostly digital next year then it needs to be accessible.

I've been playing a bit of tug of war with myself lately, as well. As you might have noticed, my food has not been posted, nor have there been any weight updates. I'm ready to get back on track today. There's no reason for me not to. All the stressful things in my life are over. School's almost out. All I have left to do is finish laying out a newspaper for print and distribute yearbooks (and I have help for both). I'm not looking forward to classes this summer but June at least looks to give me time to work on my curricula for next year and work out in addition to my class. July will be a bit more difficult.

I'm getting my hair colored today, in about 2 hours. More change for me is good right now. It gives me focus and inspiration to continue working on my body. Plus, I just want cool hair.

Time to attend to the dog and get the kitchen cleaned up. I'll post food later on. I'm going to force H to look at my computer with me today so hopefully I can post more often. He's always on the computer!!!

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  1. Congrats on the credit card pay off. :) That is exciting! Come to the GTG on Wednesday so you can show off the new hair do!