Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two steps forward, one step back

It always seems like that is my weight loss routine. Lose a few pounds, gain some back. If I wasn't doing things like going to Eischen's, it would probably be easier ;) However, life sometimes revolves around going out to eat with people.

Tonight I have a wine party. Luckily, my sister will be there and I have to drive so that will curb my drinking a bit. I'll keep it light today, though. Well, not too light. I will be drinking. I don't know. It's too damn early.

I'm ready to get this weight off, though. I'm tired of it. Yesterday everything I put on felt funny, like it didn't fit right. I just need to stop making excuses. I look forward to starting the Insanity workout. I managed the other day to finally get over to my gym and cancel my membership because I'm not using it. I like the gym itself, I just never make it there. Nice ladies, though. No pressure, come back if you can, thanks for stopping by kind of atmosphere. Love that.

Yesterday's food was meh. The parents brought us lunch but I was consumed with yearbook sales and by the time I got there, the only thing left was pasta and a couple of different sauces, and a tiny piece of some kind of chicken lasagna. I had that and a little salad. The only drinks they had were sweet, and Diet Coke. So, I had a little sweet tea. I had a piece of retirement cake because frankly, the lunch for me was lackluster and I felt forgotten about. Dinner was better.

All food for yesterday:
B: Yogurt, fresh blueberries, a sprinkling of grape nuts
S: bite of a donut (yes, just a bite)
L: See above
S: some chili and a cheesestick (really dissatisfied with lunch, it was not much and I didn't like it)
D: Street tacos (3) with flank steak, avocado, sour cream, a tiny sprinkling of cheese and cilantro, black beans. I made them in corn tortillas. They were yummmmmmmmmy.

Mom's finally coming to meet Callie on Sunday. I'm going to make PW's crispy yogurt chicken (a favorite of mine and H's), a spinach salad, rice pilaf I think, and strawberry shortcake. Keeping it light because it's going to be warm. All very yummy.

Okay, last day of finals ahead, and I've just got a few yearbooks to sell and the rest to hand out (you would think the 40 or so kids who haven't gotten their books would come get them!) and I'm done with that shit. SO over it.

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  1. Street tacos are my FAVORITE! Everyone falls off the wagon now and then--I feel you there. But the good thing is you're motivated and you can do it! Maybe you should try some before and after pics...that will motivate you because you're sharing them with all of us. :) Good luck!