Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching up...

I've not been very good with the new fruits and veggies thing, so I'm playing a little catch up.

Tonight, I'm trying crowder peas (sauteed with onion and bell pepper, with chicken broth and chili flake). I've always been black eyed pea averse (plant and performing group) so we'll see how this goes!

I have purchased honeycots and pluots.

This is what I found on honeycots: "HONEYCOT apricots are large and firm, with bright orange background color. Most varieties feature an attractive red blush. The deep orange flesh ripens from the inside-out and is flavorful and juicy." Who knows...

Pluots are, I think, a cross between plums and apricots. I've not had a plum or apricot since childhood so we'll see how this goes, too!

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