Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thursday and Friday, April 29 and 30

Busy week!

Yesterday I took some of my band kids to a contest to a place about an hour and a half or so away. They were great! We ate at Golden Corral, though. It wasn't too awful. Not like I remember, really, especially the layout, but it was all right.

Then last night I had to go to a bachelorette party. It was at the Melting Pot. Drinks were great, food was...meh. Maybe it was just the cheese we got (traditional swiss) because we weren't digging it. I also, again, tried a piece of cauliflower dipped in cheese. Should have liked was dipped in cheese! But that overwhelming dirt taste was something I could not dig. The kind where we cooked our meat was's an awful lot of work for the money. The dessert was great--we got the Snickers. OMG with the brownie piece it was amazing. But there were only two little brownie pieces. Boo.

So, suffice it to say, yesterday wasn't great. Thursday was fine.

B: Same
L: Same as the day before
S: Don't remember anything...
D: Crock pot roast beef, some mashed potatoes, peas

B: Yogurt parfait from McD's (had to leave super early for contest, and get gas before, didn't have time to make my own) some OJ
L: 2 chicken strips, some mashed potatoes and gravy, a little bit of mac and cheese, a couple of shrimp, and a mess of green beans. Soft serve and a small brownie. One roll. Too much Pepsi.
D: Melting Pot--some bread dipped in cheese, a little apple, some steak, some chicken, 2 shrimp, and a little pork, a caesar salad, and too many drinks. Oh, and the chocolate fondue. I didn't eat too much of that--a few pieces and I felt sick!

So, why am I up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning after getting home at 1am? I have a hair appointment at 8am, then an arts festival with my sister and lunch, then the Insanity workout I promised to do with her. I'm effing insane.

Yesterday I decided to go "shopping" in my closet and discovered that I could wear some things again, specifically a dress I'd put away for awhile. Still a little tight in the bust, but it'll do. I'm THISCLOSE to wearing some Ann Taylor Loft pants--they're like shiny denim trousers or something, but high-waisted on me, so a little awkward at the moment. I might see how I feel about this Insanity workout, or I might just force myself to go to my gym...I haven't been there since, oh, February. I'm paying for the damn membership. I just get home and don't want to go anymore. Excuses, Excuses. However, triumph in the closet!

And amazingly, my weight is the same this morning, though there is considerable bloat and I'm waiting for my cycle to start to help with that, and I'm going to get some iced tea to help perk me up a bit and rehydrate a bit while I sit in the chair for my hair.

Oh, and I have no idea what I'm doing to my hair today. No clue whatsoever. Adventure.

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