Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, yesterday was interesting. I had forgotten there would be EOI testing in my classroom ALL DAY. I didn't have a home :( I got like, no work done. And I had to eat a crappy snack because mine was locked up in the room where there was testing. And my students weren't able to get any work done on their finals, which isn't good. Glad I gave them 2 more days than I had originally planned!

Weighed myself this morning and I'm back down to my lowest weight so far. I just had to get back on track for a couple of days. I also did measurements and those are slowly inching (hahahaha pun intended) down, as well. Especially my hips. I look forward to getting to shop for some new pants.

H told me last night the OK legislation voted to slash teacher's salaries by 10%. I honestly don't know how financially we are going to make it next year. I guess all these kids asking me for piano lessons are going to get their wish...if only my current students' parents would pay me! I've been teaching some with no pay since freaking February. Parents are either never home or they don't come in to the room for lessons and one parent was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and I hate to hound them about it, but dangit, I'm not a free babysitter. We get paid peanuts at my school to work there (I doubt I'll get my 15 hours of Master's classes increase this year even though I'll have the hours this time) so I don't know how much more they can cut our pay and expect people to stay there. Blah blah blah.

Food yesterday
B: Usual
S: Salt and Vinegar chips, small bag (thank you government teacher for letting me have them for free! They sell lots of different snacks for the senior class)
L: Chili, cheesestick
D: Crockpot bbq beef, 2 servings of green beans
DS: Strawberries with cool whip (coo-whhhhip!)

And I'm STARVING this morning. I'm also hoping that I can get home before any bad weather starts but we have a faculty meeting so who knows how late I'll be at work. I'm also supposed to teach a lesson...blah blah blah.

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