Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post #84!!!11!!!

I thought I'd celebrate a random number of blog posts instead of the usual 50, 100, 1000...84 seemed random enough to me ha.

Yesterday was not the greatest work day. I screwed up something with the yearbook (which was fixable but it'll cost us money, of course), a bunch of kids said things like "Do we HAVE to play at graduation? I wanted to sit with my friends..." in band, and the computers were being so stupidly slow because our server is a piece of shit. I also fear I stepped on someone's toes with a grant application and that I might have pissed her off...I apologized in an email but I was really doing things the quickest way possible. I also lost my EOI (end of instruction) test list and forgot I was supposed to proctor one hour and the teacher came and hunted me down. Sheesh. I was so preoccupied with all of my other mistakes I totally forgot about that. So, not the greatest of days.

Food was...better. Had some wine in the evening because I cooked with it and I absolutely hate wasting a bottle by letting it sit after being opened. It never tastes the same...especially when we're talking about $10 wine. That kept me up all night. Crashed easily when I went to bed but at 2:30...bing...wide awake. And hot. I also hardly drank any water yesterday (the water fountain near me has gone kaput) and I totally feel it today. So I'm chugging along already. Hoping for a better day.

I think I found someone to fix my computer. I told him I would pay...in cupcakes. He said he would do it for "balls." After a pause, I realized what he was talking about--Oreo truffles! I made them for his class for winning the clothing drive earlier this semester. I told him we had a deal. He likes the Key lime variety. So, I'm probably going to put that thing in my car and haul it up to the school.

Food for yesterday:
B: Usual with fresh strawberries
L: Leftover thigh, leg and some black beans, cheesestick
D: Steak with red wine reduction, (grossly overcooked) zucchini, and a salad made with lettuce from my own little patch, some tomatoes, and a homemade red wine vinaigrette. And too much wine.

I also woke up scratching the hell out of my legs, which is a reaction to the alcohol...it makes my psoriasis flare (I sound like an old woman). So, I'll be putting the bottle away again for awhile. Guess I finally hit my limit.

Oh, and my wonderful sister is going to let me borrow her INSANITY workout DVD's after she finishes her first 30 days (you're supposed to take a break between, it seems) so I don't have to spend the big bucks on it! I look forward to starting. I always enjoyed (and hated) personal training and getting my ass kicked repeatedly. I don't know why. I liked Shelly, though. I wish I could afford those again but cest la vie. Time to get ready for my (hopefully much better) day.

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