Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday free day

I give myself one "free" meal a week, and I chose to take it tonight so I don't have to cook for one! I decided to go to Whataburger...1, because I like their burgers and 2, it's right around the corner (dangerous territory, I tell ya). I'm absolutely STUFFED now. It has also made me sleepy haha. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

I have had a productive three days at work. Mostly because they have to be right now! There's SO much going on. I've got it under control. Today I got on a wild hair (hare?) and decided to have a band camp at the end of summer, before school starts. If I get the information out now, then the kids can make their arrangements. We don't have marching band at my school (no football team, so what's the point?) but, I can work with them on their summer "reading," (all-state audition material, other honor band audition material, scales, etc.) and work on rhythms, start the national anthem and knock out some easy pep tunes. I can run sectionals (possibly will bring in "experts," aka college students who'll work for cheap!) to help the students learn new techniques, better form, etc. and finally get my drumline going the way it should be. I'm kind of excited about the idea. We'll also do a lot of team building exercises. My mom suggested we have a big and little system like fraternities and sororities do. I thought that was a GREAT idea! I can also do some leadership seminars with my new band council. As I said, I'm kind of excited :) I also have the go-ahead from administration. Sweet!

Here's the food for the day...hold your laughter, please.
B: Yogurt, berries, just a little bit of sugar (starting to get used to the tang of the unsweet yogurt)
L: Taco salad (baby spinach, taco meat, black beans, salsa) and avocado
S: Tangelo and some peanuts
D: #2 combo from Whataburger with a Coke. Dayum. Did so well. But, I'm not eating this every day. I probably won't eat it for awhile, either!

So, I'm off to look through my facebook for college students who might be helpful for my band camp. Hooray!

Tuesday, March 30

Productive day again. There's just so much to do at work with a journalism event, school-wide philanthropy event, spaghetti supper, and two band contests coming up. Blah.

B: Yogurt, berries, ran out of time and didn't get to finish
S: Didn't have one...time went by...oh, wait, I had some Reese's Pieces. About a palmful then I passed the bag onto a student. They were almost too sweet but they are my favorite candy, and I don't really like candy.
L: Leftover taco salad, cheese stick
S: Peanuts
D: BBQ crock pot roast beef, twice baked potato (splurge) broccoli with butter
DS: Grapes...shouldn't have had them, made me too full

I also nibbled on the bbq until husband got home at like, 7:15. I got calls saying late, not coming, oh wait, I'm coming home now. I hate those nights.

Then, last night, he decided to snore after coming to bed and talking to me at friggin' 1:30am. I hate those nights. I booted him to the couch. He was all pissy about it, too. I can't help it that I can't sleep when you're sawing logs. Don't have a drink before bed. He doesn't snore if he doesn't drink.

Blah, again. I have a massage and a girl's night on Friday so I'm looking forward to the day off. I know we just got off spring break, but there is just SO much going on. I'm also losing Saturday to another carhop fundraiser, so I need the day off!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It was a good day yesterday

I got a lot done at work--the day, for the most part, flew by. I even found boxes (thanks to a relative) large enough to ship off old timpani. It's not easy finding that!

You know what else isn't easy to find, at least at my grocery store? Plain, unsweetened yogurt. I thought that's what I bought last week, but it was plain sweetened. No wonder the dog was giving me funny faces last week. No wonder my breakfast yogurt and berries was so sweet...I was adding a little sugar to the berries to take the "twang" off the yogurt and the tang off the berries...I kept thinking that I had already become averse to sugar. Should have known better ;) I bought more this week, but got the right kind. I blame the husband for rushing me through the store!

Yesterday there was a typo in my post--it's 5.2 pounds, not 7.2. I wish it was 7.2! But, I'll get there. I'm keeping track of waist and hip measurements, too. I should be more careful before posting in the morning...except, here I am, doing it again.

Food yesterday:
B: Yogurt, peaches, blueberries
S: Cheese stick
L: Leftover pork kabob
S: Peanuts (totally forgot about my tangelo)
S: Grapes
D: Taco salad (taco meat, spinach, red cabbage, black beans, tomatoes, green onions, avocado, a little cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Good stuff.

Water all day.

Gotta go get ready for another productive day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Houston, we have weight loss

Week 1 weight loss: 2.2 pounds! Yay, me. Now, I was up about 5.2 pounds from where I am now a few weeks ago, but I managed to get that weight to come down a few notches before starting this plan.

It's too early to say much else. I can say that I have broken a weight barrier which I have been stuck behind since the summer.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A new challege

Well, first I'll post what I ate this weekend--ups and downs.

B: Scrambled eggs w/peppers and onions and 2 pieces of bacon crumbled in
L: Hamburger, fries, unsweet iced tea from Sonic (we were carhopping and I really don't like their salads)
S: Cheese stick
D: Garlic-lime marinated chicken thighs, a ton of veggies--red onion, red and green bell peppers, yellow squash, iced tea

B: Nothing, wasn't hungry
L: Beef brisket w/some bbq sauce, green beans, bbq baked beans, a few bites of texas toast, unsweet iced tea
S: Cheese stick and some grapes
D: 1 pork kabob w/peppers and onions, and one mushroom (BOGO at Homeland!) and balsamic marinated grape tomatoes

I at least got in a TON of vegetables this weekend!

The new challenge...psoriasis. I have had this condition for years, since high school as far as I can remember. The patches show up and go away in various places, most notably on the backs of my knees. Recently it has really flared up and it's in some uncomfortable spots in addition to the backs of my knees. It also appears to be spreading. I am going to call my doc tomorrow, because she discovered it in some regions (I knew it was there and was treating at home, but you can only use cortisone cream for so long) and suggested if it gets worse/more annoying to give her a call. Now that it's back in other places it's driving me NUTS!!! I wake myself up scratching in the middle of the night. Husband had to make me stop one night.

I have noticed that the flare ups have really been worse after drinking. The night Husband stopped me, I had been at the birthday party with copious amounts of beer. The knee flare ups started really itching over Spring break, when I was drinking more wine than normal.

In doing some research, I found that alcohol can make psoriasis worse. Much worse. So, my new challenge is no alcohol. Not even fun alcohol on the weekends. I'm reserving it for very special occasions--birthdays, holidays, and that's it. Otherwise, it's likely to continue spreading. I also have to find some way to be less stressed out, but that's damn near impossible with the Six Flags trip looming along with our lack of money to pay for transportation.

So, wish me luck. It's not like I can't, but I do look forward to some wine on the weekends since I'm not going to be eating dessert. Oh well. Guess I'd rather not be debilitatingly itchy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Frisee is okay

Got back on track today. Man, I just can't drink like I used to ;) I sure put it away last night. All in good fun, all for a friend. There was a time when I pretty much refused to go out on a weeknight. I was always too tired, didn't want to see people, worried about being tired the next day at work, etc. After a year on anti-depressants, I realized how much I enjoy seeing friends, even if it's just once in awhile, and that if I'm not home by 9pm the world will not end and I will still be able to function just fine the next day. I'm no longer on the meds (didn't want to see just how much higher my weight would go, didn't feel they were helping much anymore) and I can happily say that I do go out and see people about once a week. Financially, we just can't do much more than that. If I hadn't needed to take the dog to the vet to get her stitches out, I would have done a happy hour with work friends, but another time, perhaps. I feel good about this.

Food for today:
B: Plain yogurt, strawberries, a little bit of sugar so it wasn't mind-numbingly tart
S: Cheese stick (jinxed myself...I was hungry by 8:30 this morning...don't think last night's dinner of cheese fries and copious amounts of alcohol helped matters much)
L: Chicken, shrimp and andoullie (sp?) sausage jambalaya and about 1/4-1/2 cup of the brown rice, iced tea (it had peppers, onions, and tomatoes and a little bit of heat) at Elephant Bar. I love that brown rice is an option now!
S: None
D: Seared seasoned pork chop w/pan sauce (chicken broth, butter, pan drippings), green beans, salad w/spinach, frisee, tomatoes, red bell pepper and homemade vinaigrette.

Got in lots of protein today without overdoing the cheese. Probably not enough dairy but I overdid a couple of days so it's okay.

Tomorrow I have to guest carhop so I'll have limited lunch choices. I guess I should start looking at the Sonic menu now so I can figure out what the heck I can eat!

Birthdays are the nemesis of healthiness

Went to a friend's birthday yesterday at a notoriously seedy bar with a signature drink and only a curtain on the toilet stall in the ladies'. My dinner was cheese fries and much later about 3/4 of a 7 layer Taco Bell burrito out of necessity. Too much beer. Too many signature drinks.


The day was fine until then. I'm finding I'm not nearly as hungry anymore. That's kind of cool.

Gotta go to work--sleeping in those extra 15 minutes really throw me off! Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 3, doing all right

B: 1/2 cup plain yogurt, about a tsp or a little more of sugar (the honey didn't really blend well before) and about 1/2 cup or so of berries.
S: Few carrots w/hummus
L: Leftover chili, water
S: 2 rf colby jack cheesesticks (these are tasty!)
D: Salisbury steak (hamburger patties w/homemade mushroom sauce), french style geen beans (I had two portions of this but I guess I was hungrier than I thought and it was really good!)

Took the dog to the park again. She eventually warmed up and made some friends. It takes forever, though.

My husband was frustrating me, because he started going the wrong way, twice, to the dog park. I told him how to get there and he wouldn't believe me, even though I was there just the day before. And I got chastised for raising my voice? Why don't you just try listening to me, Mr. "I'm always right even when I'm wrong." Grr. Arg. Frustration. Anger. Why are men like that? Why do I have to get chastised when HE was the one who wouldn't listen?

I'm about to go on a cleaning strike around here. I'm the only one doing anything. I won't be here for the next FOUR Saturdays because of band-related activities. Someone else better start picking up some slack!

Okay, I'm obviously in a grumpy mood, but I hate feeling this way. And I know I can't ever really go on a cleaning strike because I won't be able to cook dinner! I should stop venting now. It doesn't really help anything. It's not making me feel better. I should just get ready for what is going to be a long day at work.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 2 (well, really 3) Feelin' fine

B: 1 poached egg, 1.5 slices applewood smoked bacon, about 1/2 cup grapes, water
S: String cheese
L: Leftover chili (almost 2 cups...hungry! But it's full of veggies!), tangelo, water
S: A few carrots, probably 8-10, with some hummus
D: 6 oz filet, black bean/avocado/tomato salad (YUM)

Lots of veggies in today :) Much less cheese ha.

Good day, got lots accomplished. Spent most of band working on tone exercises, finger exercises. The percussionists organized their cabinet (yay!) and the brass worked with a friend on their tone, as well. Finally, FINALLY, got a car wash set up to raise money for our trip to Six Flags. We are also carhopping for money. If you are interested in helping out (we carhop for tips and wash for donations) let me know and I'll email ya!

I am also in search of LARGE boxes so I can ship two timpani back to Taylor Music to get a trade-in refund. I no longer need them (got a set from UCO for freeeee!) but I could certainly use the $6-700 they might bring in. For the band, not for me. Just to clarify. I'm guessing I'm going to end up going to Home Depot and getting some old boxes from them and piecing them together. AWESOME.

Took Callie to the dog park. We were doing fine until this brute of a chow/golden retriever wouldn't leave poor Callie alone. He wouldn't stop smelling her, and at one point (while I was holding her back by her collar) he started licking her in a way-too-friendly manner. I ran into a former student's parents with their adorable puppy, and "Sir Licks a Lot" came back (the dad coined that) and started pestering Callie again and the acquaintance's puppy. Where the hell was his owner??!? I pulled him away at least 5 times. I should have let Callie bite his face off. She's normally a very gentle dog, but I can understand. I don't do oral on a first date, either ;) Never saw the owner. Not once. Shame on them.

Okay, time to go watch American Idol!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1--no problems

B: 1/2 cup plain yogurt, about 1/2 cup berries, tsp honey to sweeten just a tad while I get used to the tanginess of plain yogurt.
S: String cheese
L: Leftover roasted chicken (white), 1 cup green beans, 1 tangelo, water
S: Peanuts
S: String cheese (knew I'd be hungry the first day plus it's a long day with lessons after school)
D: Will have chili w/beans, lots of onions and bell peppers and tomatoes in there. Simmering away now. Cheese and a little sour cream on top. Iced unsweet tea.

It's a lot of cheese, but I got a lot of fruits and veggies in. Besides, we're supposed to get what, 3 servings of dairy a day? I'll be getting a little more than that and it's all low fat. Besides, I'm not going to eat so much cheese every day.

The peanuts were tasty, though.

Day was fine. Nothing noteworthy. My dog managed to "herd" me in the backyard. It took me a minute before I realized what she was doing (nipping at ankles, chasing me around the patio, jumping to cut me off) and then I remembered she's part Pyrenees, and they are herding dogs.

I just got pwned by my damn dog.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A new chapter

Sorry I have been MIA--my computer is dead, yet again, and so I am at the mercy of using my husband's computer.

Last week's fruit/veggie was mango. I found I quite liked mango. It's not my favorite fruit (PEACHES!!!!!) but it will do. I even managed to snag a ripe one, and since there were only three at the store I thought I did quite well. I figured that the one with the red side was more ripe. I'm guessing that's right.

This weeks' veggie is curly endive, also known as chicory or frisee. I've had teeny amounts of it, but not enough to really know what it's like. My husband said it looked like Medusa's head as we put the massive thing in a bag at the store. I didn't have a plan this week; I just walked in and saw those two lonely heads of endive and figured since I was planning on having salads this week, and my husband said he didn't care for lettuce (he prefers spinach in his salads) he was up for whatever and this curly beast seemed to pique his interest. I'll letcha know.

So, the new chapter thing. I'm re-adjusting how I eat. Years ago, I found success with a low-carb diet. Now, I wasn't eating eggs, bacon, and butter all the time, and I refused to eat the pork rinds that all Atkins dieters seemed to love. I have never had a pork rind and frankly, if I'm going to have one, it's not going to come out of a shiny bag. I ate a lot of veggies, a lot of salads, and a lot of lean meats. I stayed away from sugar (I did use Splenda back then but as I now have aversions to it, I stick to regular sugar) and all white processed foods. This was all really great, and I did this for about 2 months and lost about 10-15 pounds. I wasn't really getting any exercise, either, since at the time I was preparing for my senior recital and my classes/rehearsals were pretty time consuming. I did try some of the stranger low-carb recipes, and had mild success with them. However, the things I loved the most were those that were simple--a flavorful, well-seasoned lean piece of protein, with a veggie side and a fresh salad with olive oil and vinegar. That's what I had tonight--roasted chicken, green beans, and a spinach salad w/balsamic. I had so much energy eating this way.

Oh, and I did have a healthy love of cheese...still do. So, I will still be having that!

Something that I think I will change from my old venture into this nutritional style:

1. I will eat yogurt. I have a big ol' tub of plain, lowfat yogurt in the fridge and I bought frozen berries. According to the old Atkins, you couldn't have milk or yogurt. Well, screw you. I'm having yogurt because I can't stand the thought of eating eggs every morning.

2. I will allow myself the occasional rice, bread, or pasta. Just not every night. More like once a week.

3. No artificial sugars. Fruit is fine. Some fruits weren't allowed before, but this time I'm going to allow most fruits and vegetables. I have some amazing looking tangelos on the counter right now.

Um, I think that's it. This time, my lovely husband will be around for the ride, except he doesn't know what I'm doing. He'll eat whatever, and since he doesn't eat lunch with me, he can have his bread/pasta/rice then. I doubt he'll miss anything.

And finally, the last rule: alcohol on the weekend only, one day. And, well, okay, this is the final rule: one free day a week. This is when I can have the cake, the pasta, the bruschetta, whatever I want. No consequences. Just what I want. And only one day a week (not that I'm going to be eating foods I don't want the rest of the time, but I think you know what I mean).

I will post what I have eaten every day. Even if I don't have a computer. I will walk the dog every day. Even if it's cold. I can only not walk her if it is raining/storming, which is a possibility in the upcoming weeks as we get further into April.

My weight loss goal? 40 pounds. That will put me back to a weight that I am comfortable with. I am not afraid to be a 12...I am, however, afraid of being a 20 and that is the road I am currently going down.

Today's food:
B: Green tea w/lemon (late morning)
L: 6 oz sirloin, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli (TGI Friday's)
S: One (really icky, instantly regretted) pinwheel tortilla roll thing and a small serving of champagne at a housewarming party (which gave me horrible, nausea-inducing, take-my-breath-away heartburn)
D: Roasted chicken w/au jus, steamed green beans, spinach salad w/tomatoes, balsamic, shaved parm.
DS: I think I'll have some grapes

Wish me luck. I know one person in particular has had great success in the last year with a more drastic low-carb diet. I envy her dedication. I need a more moderate approach but I think this will work for me. I always feel better and this is a way to get more veggies in, anyway!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9

B: Cinnamon Life, 1% organic milk
S: Cheese stick
L: Lean Cuisine rigatoni w/5 cheeses (one of the best ones I've found)
S: Bowl of cocoa krispies (leftovers from making rice krispie treats for students)
D: Salsa beef tacos (leftover roast beef chopped and heated with salsa), with low fat sour cream, cheese, avocado in corn tortillas, and black beans. Water.
DS: Piece of cake

Spent about an hour outside taking pictures of random sports teams' practices, then spent another hour at the dog park with Callie. It felt so good to be outside, even though it was insanely windy at the dog park (and loud! it's right by the highway and it was 5pm).

I know there aren't enough vegetables in yesterday's choices. I'm working on it. I need to remember to thaw some things before I leave today!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yentil the Lentil

Well, I changed my mind on the vegetable of the week. It's not lentils, it's radishes!

All I knew about radishes from childhood is that they were spicy. And I didn't like that as a child. I don't mind spicy now, but it is a little odd when it's a vegetable that isn't a hot pepper.

Here's how my tasting of the radish went: *Taste* Hmm. "Hon, could you taste the radishes in your salad and tell me if these are just bland radishes or if that is just how they taste?" *Husband tastes* "Nope, that's just how they taste."

Really. REALLY??!?! They taste like nothing but just add a little crunch and spice to the salad. This is what I was afraid of? I'm not saying I like the little things but I don't hate them. Not like I hate the smell of cauliflower...blech. Smells like dirt.

So, the veg for the week is out of the way. I enjoyed them in a nice baby spinach salad with grape tomatoes and green onions with a homemade red wine vinaigarette.

Yesterday's food:
B: Bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal w/1% organic milk
S: 2% cheese stick
L: Lean Cuisine pizza
S: Couple of thin gingersnaps from school (my yogurt was locked away in the room where photo students were rolling film so I improvised.)
D: Leftover shredded roast beef, mixed with its gravy, over 2 pieces whole wheat toast (shit on a shingle), about 1/2 cup leftover mashed potatoes, 6 large roasted asparagus spears, water.
DS: One piece of cake. Gotta have some fun ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Does cauliflower even have a flavor?

I don't think it does. I think people have lied to me all this time. Haha.

It was my veggie this week. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. I roasted it with some EVOO and seasonings and it had NO flavor. Maybe that's my fault. I also do not care for the smell of it. It smells like dirt to me...

So, I totally failed with blogging my food for the week. It was bad food some nights, as well. I can definitely say I ate my feelings (along with my entire little band) after contest when we got an unfavorable score and comments from the judges, a score that I am still not in agreement with.

However, things looked up yesterday when my soloists did very well! Too bad only three went. Someday, I'll have lots of kids going. It's my goal. So, I get to take a kid to State and I will take him to Eskimo Joe's as a treat. It'll be fun.

The rest of the week was quite boring. I'm loving the warm(er) weather. We took Callie to the dog park yesterday for the first time and are considering going back, even if it means we have to bathe her again. This time, we'll remember towels.

I'm considering dropping the gym membership. I never get there, and with Callie now and the weather warming up, I have reason to go outside and be active. It's nearly $50 a month I could be putting into savings for tuition this summer or for a vacation fund. We've really been feeling the financial squeeze (husband's student loans are just absolutely amazing and life-sucking...we hardly have money to do anything fun) so I'm tempted to cut the extra stuff out right now.

Next year, I would like to be able to cut private lessons, as I feel like they are taking up too much time away from my primary job. I can't give any time hardly after school three days a week because I have to go teach lessons. Then I get to fight rush hour traffic home, so those two days that I don't have lessons I leave right at 3:30 so I don't have to. It's a vicious cycle and I feel like I am letting my band and journalism kids down. I used to be able to stay and work with them, but now I feel like I'm constantly watching the clock. The extra income is nice, but it's just extra, not necessary. I could live without once I get all my credit cards in check.

And now, I have to go figure out how to get red wine out of my husband's tux shirt. I managed to spill an entire glass of red wine (no, I was not drunk, I had had one glass of wine) all over my husband's dinner and the table. See, you're supposed to actually sit the glass down on the TABLE, not the silverware sticking off your bread plate. At least we had just gotten our dinners so they brought another. Another patron at our table had spilled his iced tea all over the place before that, and after my wine spill, someone came over and tried to steal one of the mouse desserts in a martini glass and he nearly dropped that! The table was cursed, I tell ya!

So, I will try to do better this week with the food logging. I'll let you know about the gym membership. Here's to the week before Spring Break!

Oh, what's my vegetable this week...I can't decide. Lentils? Do they count?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Funday Monday

Well, not really. Kind of the same old, same old.

Here's my food for the day.

B: Poached egg over ww toast, water
S: String cheese, some triscuits
L: Icky lean cuisine...blah
S1: Activia yogurt
S2: Zucchini muffin the mom of my piano students gave was awesome!
D: Baked chicken breast, rice a roni (I can't help myself, it's tasty to me), peas
DS: Two little mini chocolate chip cookies from the same mom--they had wheat germ, oat bran, white bean puree...a bunch of healthy stuff ;) Plus they were like, 2 bites each, so tiny tiny.

Tomorrow is band contest, so wish us luck! The kids played great this morning so I hope they can continue that tomorrow. I know contest shouldn't be their only goal, but I'm really competitive so it's my goal and I'm taking them along for the ride ;)