Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 2 (well, really 3) Feelin' fine

B: 1 poached egg, 1.5 slices applewood smoked bacon, about 1/2 cup grapes, water
S: String cheese
L: Leftover chili (almost 2 cups...hungry! But it's full of veggies!), tangelo, water
S: A few carrots, probably 8-10, with some hummus
D: 6 oz filet, black bean/avocado/tomato salad (YUM)

Lots of veggies in today :) Much less cheese ha.

Good day, got lots accomplished. Spent most of band working on tone exercises, finger exercises. The percussionists organized their cabinet (yay!) and the brass worked with a friend on their tone, as well. Finally, FINALLY, got a car wash set up to raise money for our trip to Six Flags. We are also carhopping for money. If you are interested in helping out (we carhop for tips and wash for donations) let me know and I'll email ya!

I am also in search of LARGE boxes so I can ship two timpani back to Taylor Music to get a trade-in refund. I no longer need them (got a set from UCO for freeeee!) but I could certainly use the $6-700 they might bring in. For the band, not for me. Just to clarify. I'm guessing I'm going to end up going to Home Depot and getting some old boxes from them and piecing them together. AWESOME.

Took Callie to the dog park. We were doing fine until this brute of a chow/golden retriever wouldn't leave poor Callie alone. He wouldn't stop smelling her, and at one point (while I was holding her back by her collar) he started licking her in a way-too-friendly manner. I ran into a former student's parents with their adorable puppy, and "Sir Licks a Lot" came back (the dad coined that) and started pestering Callie again and the acquaintance's puppy. Where the hell was his owner??!? I pulled him away at least 5 times. I should have let Callie bite his face off. She's normally a very gentle dog, but I can understand. I don't do oral on a first date, either ;) Never saw the owner. Not once. Shame on them.

Okay, time to go watch American Idol!

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