Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yentil the Lentil

Well, I changed my mind on the vegetable of the week. It's not lentils, it's radishes!

All I knew about radishes from childhood is that they were spicy. And I didn't like that as a child. I don't mind spicy now, but it is a little odd when it's a vegetable that isn't a hot pepper.

Here's how my tasting of the radish went: *Taste* Hmm. "Hon, could you taste the radishes in your salad and tell me if these are just bland radishes or if that is just how they taste?" *Husband tastes* "Nope, that's just how they taste."

Really. REALLY??!?! They taste like nothing but just add a little crunch and spice to the salad. This is what I was afraid of? I'm not saying I like the little things but I don't hate them. Not like I hate the smell of cauliflower...blech. Smells like dirt.

So, the veg for the week is out of the way. I enjoyed them in a nice baby spinach salad with grape tomatoes and green onions with a homemade red wine vinaigarette.

Yesterday's food:
B: Bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal w/1% organic milk
S: 2% cheese stick
L: Lean Cuisine pizza
S: Couple of thin gingersnaps from school (my yogurt was locked away in the room where photo students were rolling film so I improvised.)
D: Leftover shredded roast beef, mixed with its gravy, over 2 pieces whole wheat toast (shit on a shingle), about 1/2 cup leftover mashed potatoes, 6 large roasted asparagus spears, water.
DS: One piece of cake. Gotta have some fun ;)

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