Sunday, March 28, 2010

A new challege

Well, first I'll post what I ate this weekend--ups and downs.

B: Scrambled eggs w/peppers and onions and 2 pieces of bacon crumbled in
L: Hamburger, fries, unsweet iced tea from Sonic (we were carhopping and I really don't like their salads)
S: Cheese stick
D: Garlic-lime marinated chicken thighs, a ton of veggies--red onion, red and green bell peppers, yellow squash, iced tea

B: Nothing, wasn't hungry
L: Beef brisket w/some bbq sauce, green beans, bbq baked beans, a few bites of texas toast, unsweet iced tea
S: Cheese stick and some grapes
D: 1 pork kabob w/peppers and onions, and one mushroom (BOGO at Homeland!) and balsamic marinated grape tomatoes

I at least got in a TON of vegetables this weekend!

The new challenge...psoriasis. I have had this condition for years, since high school as far as I can remember. The patches show up and go away in various places, most notably on the backs of my knees. Recently it has really flared up and it's in some uncomfortable spots in addition to the backs of my knees. It also appears to be spreading. I am going to call my doc tomorrow, because she discovered it in some regions (I knew it was there and was treating at home, but you can only use cortisone cream for so long) and suggested if it gets worse/more annoying to give her a call. Now that it's back in other places it's driving me NUTS!!! I wake myself up scratching in the middle of the night. Husband had to make me stop one night.

I have noticed that the flare ups have really been worse after drinking. The night Husband stopped me, I had been at the birthday party with copious amounts of beer. The knee flare ups started really itching over Spring break, when I was drinking more wine than normal.

In doing some research, I found that alcohol can make psoriasis worse. Much worse. So, my new challenge is no alcohol. Not even fun alcohol on the weekends. I'm reserving it for very special occasions--birthdays, holidays, and that's it. Otherwise, it's likely to continue spreading. I also have to find some way to be less stressed out, but that's damn near impossible with the Six Flags trip looming along with our lack of money to pay for transportation.

So, wish me luck. It's not like I can't, but I do look forward to some wine on the weekends since I'm not going to be eating dessert. Oh well. Guess I'd rather not be debilitatingly itchy.

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