Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday free day

I give myself one "free" meal a week, and I chose to take it tonight so I don't have to cook for one! I decided to go to Whataburger...1, because I like their burgers and 2, it's right around the corner (dangerous territory, I tell ya). I'm absolutely STUFFED now. It has also made me sleepy haha. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

I have had a productive three days at work. Mostly because they have to be right now! There's SO much going on. I've got it under control. Today I got on a wild hair (hare?) and decided to have a band camp at the end of summer, before school starts. If I get the information out now, then the kids can make their arrangements. We don't have marching band at my school (no football team, so what's the point?) but, I can work with them on their summer "reading," (all-state audition material, other honor band audition material, scales, etc.) and work on rhythms, start the national anthem and knock out some easy pep tunes. I can run sectionals (possibly will bring in "experts," aka college students who'll work for cheap!) to help the students learn new techniques, better form, etc. and finally get my drumline going the way it should be. I'm kind of excited about the idea. We'll also do a lot of team building exercises. My mom suggested we have a big and little system like fraternities and sororities do. I thought that was a GREAT idea! I can also do some leadership seminars with my new band council. As I said, I'm kind of excited :) I also have the go-ahead from administration. Sweet!

Here's the food for the day...hold your laughter, please.
B: Yogurt, berries, just a little bit of sugar (starting to get used to the tang of the unsweet yogurt)
L: Taco salad (baby spinach, taco meat, black beans, salsa) and avocado
S: Tangelo and some peanuts
D: #2 combo from Whataburger with a Coke. Dayum. Did so well. But, I'm not eating this every day. I probably won't eat it for awhile, either!

So, I'm off to look through my facebook for college students who might be helpful for my band camp. Hooray!

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