Monday, March 1, 2010

Funday Monday

Well, not really. Kind of the same old, same old.

Here's my food for the day.

B: Poached egg over ww toast, water
S: String cheese, some triscuits
L: Icky lean cuisine...blah
S1: Activia yogurt
S2: Zucchini muffin the mom of my piano students gave was awesome!
D: Baked chicken breast, rice a roni (I can't help myself, it's tasty to me), peas
DS: Two little mini chocolate chip cookies from the same mom--they had wheat germ, oat bran, white bean puree...a bunch of healthy stuff ;) Plus they were like, 2 bites each, so tiny tiny.

Tomorrow is band contest, so wish us luck! The kids played great this morning so I hope they can continue that tomorrow. I know contest shouldn't be their only goal, but I'm really competitive so it's my goal and I'm taking them along for the ride ;)

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