Sunday, February 28, 2010

Allergy medicine

Messes with your head! I'm seriously lawling at my incredibly long, rambling post from yesterday.

The rest of yesterday's food:
A mini-bottle of sprite, warm and flat...felt gooooooood on the throat
A few pieces of baguette with fake butter
A pork chop and a baked potato

Could have had a salad, didn't sound good with the sore throat.

I'm down 2.2lbs, though. I've decided I need something tangible to motivate me, and I found this great blog called Fab Finds Under $50. She's a plus-size girl who is a really fashionable person but everything she buys is on clearance, thrifted, or she just finds a great deal. So, I'm going to allow myself to do a little shopping when I hit 10 pounds. Nothing huge, a few shirts or a pair of pants, something for Spring.

How do you reward yourself when you reach a goal? (Doesn't have to be a weight-related goal).


  1. My first goal was 10 lbs and I hit it today :) I just made an appointment to get my nails done to celebrate. I've been trying to think of other rewards for down the, pedicure, massage, shoes..yeah, I need more ideas :)

  2. Congrats, Jamie! You got there quick :) Keep up the good work! I was thinking earlier about changing my reward to a massage instead of shopping...