Monday, February 15, 2010

Played a little hooky today

Man, I was not feeling well earlier. I woke up at 12:30 when my husband came to bed and really fought the urge to throw up. You know how it feels...your body gets all hot and your mouth starts making more saliva. I hate throwing up more than anything else in this world, I think.

I went to work, thinking I was fine, then my stomach started hurting. Later I started feeling queasy so I left halfway through the day, came home and ate something (I was starving...probably didn't make the best choice in food but I didn't care), and crashed for about two hours while Speed was on. I had turned up the heat to nearly 70 (that's high around here) and slept with a sweatshirt, t-shirt, flannel pants and socks on! Stomach's still a bit gurgly, but I figured taking half of today will save me for tomorrow when I have a game to deal with.

I sort of feel bad about taking the time when I'm not actually spewing any fluids, but isn't there a saying about an ounce of prevention, blah blah blah? I'm banking on that right now.

It's weird being here when I feel like I should be doing something because I'm not *that* sick. Why is it that we get that way? Why do we feel so awful for taking time off work to let our bodies and minds heal? Why do we let ourselves feel like burdens on our fellow employees because we succumbed to a virus? It's stupid! At least I only left my subs to deal with two classes.

Perhaps I should get back into bed and watch some more Tony Bourdain.

I could even go back to sleep.

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