Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taco no bueno.

Okay, so here's my food for the day. FAIL.

B: Some sourdough and a poached egg, water
S: 2% cheese stick and some triscuits
L: Subway roasted chicken on 9grain honey oat w/cheddar, tomatoes, banana peppers, a little onion, and a little oil and vinegar, some chips, and iced tea
D: Taco Bueno--nachos and a Coke.

Now I feel like shit, I really do, after eating the Bueno. I will say that it was a sort of win for me, as normally I order the "combo" where you get a larger drink AND a soft taco. I just got a regular sized drink and the nachos and I feel overly stuffed. Again, though, not enough veggies. Not even close.

In my defense, I did walk the dog (Callie) for half an hour, and later I'm going out drinking a bit. Some friends just finished taking the Bar exam today, so we're celebrating. There's this place in OKC that serves a drink called a Lunchbox--beer, with OJ and a shot of amaretto that you are supposed to chug. I can't do that, I try. But I'm not opposed to having one!

So, here's to celebrating with friends, and actually feeling like going out with them. That's always a big step for me. I tend to be a homebody and am usually quite happy with that, but I really should see friends more often, at least for the sake of my sanity.

So, what did you eat today? Was it a win or a fail for you?

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