Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just call me Miss Sensitive

So, yesterday I was exposed to the fumes from sepia toner in the photo lab at school. I guess I was in there for about 30 minutes, then was gone for an hour, then was back in it for about an hour and a half. Mind you, I wasn't in the actual lab, I was just in the classroom which, unfortunately, smelled of rotten eggs due to the sulfur in the compound.

I guess I'm horribly sensitive to the stuff because I had a fairly severe allergic reaction, one so strong I thought I had strep! (I've never had strep). As a precaution, I went to the doc today and he prescribed me some claritin and gave me some free nasal steroid spray, along with a $25 coupon and a script for it in case I like it, since I do tend to suffer from time to time with seasonal allergies and allergies from mold/mildew in my school.

I did not eat well yesterday. Get ready to laugh, cry, poke your eyes out, whatever...

B: Grape nuts, 1% organic milk, and I left my tea on the counter. Whoops.
S: I had a little OJ from the breakfast at work, and a couple of bites of a honeybun (yes, only a couple of bites. The thing was huge so I just cut off the very bottom)
L: Went to Moe's, had a burrito in a bowl (can't do the whole burrito thing...messy and it's way too much with the tortilla) and focused mainly on eating the beans, the steak, and the guacamole. I did have too many chips with queso. I drank iced tea.
S: Tea
D: Our "fun" meal for the week: Chicken fried steak (it's literally been at least 2 years since I've made it), mashed potatoes (at least made with 1% milk and not that much butter) green beans, and some gravy. I had a glass of wine with my dinner. It was pretty smooth and didn't seem to irritate my angry throat.

By the time dinner rolled around, I could barely talk and I was starting to get a runny nose. The throat thing had started about 2:30 and progressively got worse, and worse. Husband slept on the couch just in case.

So, yeah. Terrible food day. Today I've just had a blue coconut slush and some popcorn chicken from Sonic (it's 1:45 by the way, and I've been up since 6am) and I'm stuffed. I'm forcing some tea with lemon and honey right now for my throat. I can use my chloraseptic spray again soon (every two hours).

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, geez, Kelli. What the hell is wrong iwth you that you would react so violently to sepia toner? Well, let me tell you.

I get migraines from vanilla scented candles. Full-blown migraines.
My eyes swell shut if I am ever exposed to smoke from "funny cigarettes* (I have never smoked anything in my life. I'm pretty sure at this point it would kill me).
I got almost hilariously high off of primer while painting in my ventilated bedroom. I was higher than a kite and almost fell off the ladder.
Axe makes my face swell shut.
Most perfumes make me sneeze for hours, including aftershave.
I can't stand most detergents, body washes, soaps, or candles (I can take the ones from Glade, the white, green, and blue ones are it for me, though) and most plug-in smell-type things.

So, there you go. Maybe I was a drug dog in a past life. My sister is about as sensitive as I am.

My whole family is sensitive to things. One time, my dad bought laundry detergent on sale, a brand we had never bought. We all broke out in a rash, so my sister and I come across it humbly from both sides. My sister is also very sensitive to medications and sunscreen, and my mom and I suffer from psoriasis.

I feel like an old woman talking about her ailments. It's quite funny, though. Other than a slight intolerance for some dairy products on my end, none of us appear to have any food allergies (hallelujah!).

So, that's what's going on around here. I would love to go enjoy the warm-ish sunny day, but I'm kind of loopy from the meds. And exhausted from not sleeping.

We are taking Callie (dog) to husband's parent's house for dinner, to try and socialize her a bit with more people and dogs. She's a little scrrrrred.

I said, "Great, since I had that awful popcorn chicken, I'll eat some healthy food at your mom's."

"Healthy, bland, un-salted food...yay," was husband's response. Aw.

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