Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm a bad teacher...

All this time at home has really made me realize just how much I enjoy being home. I've always had all these aspirations and they have always been work-related. I'm in the middle (well, I'm 1/3 through) of getting my Master's in music ed. But not having the stress of work weighing down on me allows me to be the person I feel I really am. There's always something going wrong at school; either a yearbook submission was screwed up, band kids are ineligible, drama gets started between teachers, administrators go on a tear about whatever it is they go on tears about...and all of those things just weigh me down and make me an unhappy person.

Maybe it's just been a hard year. But it sure is hard to want to go back when Anchovy is literally pulling me over with his paw so he can forehead-bump me and give me kisses. And yes, he's a cat. It's also hard when I can take the time to make a really nice meal for myself and my husband. I can take care of my home...

Do I have to go back tomorrow?

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