Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time flies when you're

Sorry I haven't been around. I just realized I haven't posted hardly at all. My fruit/veggie this week was supposed to be pears, but they went way too soft before I could eat them...Grr. Probably because the tomato I bought went bad, grew fuzz, and infected everything else in the non-refrigerated produce bowl I have. I will buy some pears again tomorrow and I'll double up my fruit veggie.

Things at work have been seriously blah. In high school, I was the nerdy kid (no surprise there) and the "popular" kids always tried to make me feel inferior. Well, now that's happening to my newspaper staff, the "nerdy" kids, by STUCO kids. My god, whoever said journalists have to always play nicey-nice? They don't. Especially in editorials. Some groups need to learn to handle constructive criticism without feeling the need to retaliate like little kids. It's a very long story, and I've talked to enough people that I am tired of sharing it. But, that is the long and short of it.

My school is also under fire. There are articles in local weekly papers about the dispute between the two schools sharing a building. I will decline to comment on any of it, except to say that it's ridiculous to drag our name through the mud in a lame appeal to the masses, because the masses don't decide anyone's fate in this matter.

I also haven't been home hardly this week. The house is a disaster...the cats evidently went on a puking rampage and I keep finding new spots; the kitchen is a mess, which is a complete mystery seeing as I haven't cooked since Monday night (!!!), and my bathroom is gross. I have no compulsion to clean today, however. I have a very sore neck from I don't know what and frankly, I just feel like complaining today, if that isn't already obvious. So, I think I'm going to play a lot of video games and avoid doing anything that requires me to turn my head to the left!

At least we won our basketball games. Everyone was very complimentary of the band. Some of the students seemed shocked at how good they are. Damn right, they're good. You'd know that if you ever came to a concert. They are MY band, and so they WILL be good. You don't have to tell me for me to know that, so why don't you tell them, instead?

Okay, I should just stop typing. I'm obviously not in the best of mindsets for this type of behavior. I will return upon finding a better mood!

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