Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Why do I self-sabotage? The first week of the 10 in 10 challenge has passed and I gained a friggin' pound. I drank way too much over the weekend. I ate too much. I ate too many cookies.


I'm trying to get back on track. Yesterday, I just felt awful (blaming aunt flo); exhausted, started to get a migraine, probably the most drained I've felt in awhile. I actually closed my eyes while sitting in my car at an intersection...baaaaaaad idea. So, I didn't go to the gym. I thought, oh, I'll just go tomorrow. Eeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh wrong. Basketball game today. Basketball game on Friday. No time for the gym. I might be able to squeeze it in Wednesday, but I have after school lessons and an open house for friends. Thursday should be fine. Saturday is free. I have got to get there on weekends!!!

Oh, my veggie/fruit of the week is pears. I got 2 Bosc pears to try. Haven't gotten around to them yet--I'll letcha know. I hated pears as a kid.

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  1. Kelli, don't be so hard on yourself. A lot of us lose self control especially being cooped up in the house for the 3rd snow/ice storm. You can get back on track. It takes 21 days to make something a habit so pace yourself. You will get there!