Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pear schmear.

I ate my pears...or rather, 1/4 of one of them. The first pears I bought went bad before I got to them. So, I got some of the red pears. I don't think they were really ripe. Hard and crunchy, but almost too sweet for me.

I long for summer peaches. And blackberries.

Next up is papaya. I have some in a little cup in the fridge--a pineapple papaya mix. When they didn't have the fruit I wanted to try (mango) I had to improvise on the spot. I think I'm going to have to go to Buy For Less and check out their crazy produce section.

I spoke with my doctor today about my weight. I had blood drawn for thyroid testing, just in case. I am also going to use this blog to keep tabs on what I'm eating for the day. So, here's today:

B: 1 slice ww toast, 1 poached egg, green tea (plain, no honey)
S: Grapes
L: Lean Cuisine "spa" thing (it was meh) and an Activia (regular, not sugar-free...can't do artificial sweeteners anymore), water
S: large peanut butter cookie (wasn't the original plan)
D: Balsamic marinated baked chicken breast, roasted broccoli with parm and garlic, a little pasta roni for fun, and I got a lovely loaf of sourdough and made some bruschetta from that. Also water.
DS: 1/4 pear, water

So, obviously, need more veggies. Didn't drink enough water. That's always a hard one--can't always take pee breaks when you want when teaching!

I played in the backyard with our new dog (I'm going to call her Caliope for now, I think we've decided on it) and thought about going to the gym, but it was American Idol night. I'm also dead tired. Dealing with a dog has just added a whole layer of stuff to do in the morning. I do not want to get up any earlier than 5:45 just to deal with peeing her and playing after she's been in a crate all night. We'll see how all of this goes!

So, tomorrow I guess tune in to see what lovely meal I make. I think it will either be pork chops or asian marinated chicken.

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