Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1--no problems

B: 1/2 cup plain yogurt, about 1/2 cup berries, tsp honey to sweeten just a tad while I get used to the tanginess of plain yogurt.
S: String cheese
L: Leftover roasted chicken (white), 1 cup green beans, 1 tangelo, water
S: Peanuts
S: String cheese (knew I'd be hungry the first day plus it's a long day with lessons after school)
D: Will have chili w/beans, lots of onions and bell peppers and tomatoes in there. Simmering away now. Cheese and a little sour cream on top. Iced unsweet tea.

It's a lot of cheese, but I got a lot of fruits and veggies in. Besides, we're supposed to get what, 3 servings of dairy a day? I'll be getting a little more than that and it's all low fat. Besides, I'm not going to eat so much cheese every day.

The peanuts were tasty, though.

Day was fine. Nothing noteworthy. My dog managed to "herd" me in the backyard. It took me a minute before I realized what she was doing (nipping at ankles, chasing me around the patio, jumping to cut me off) and then I remembered she's part Pyrenees, and they are herding dogs.

I just got pwned by my damn dog.


  1. Looks like you had a great day! I LOVE cheese and eat tons of the stuff. Do you have a Sams card? I purchase their 2% LF mozzarella string cheese. In fact, I had 2 for breakfast along with a banana. Cheese is protein packed and it will stick with you.

    Have you tried agave syrup? I'm not sure who would sell it in OK, but our Trader Joe's has it out here. I heard about it through several blogs. It's a natural sweetener and people love it. I keep meaning to give it a try, but I really don't use sugar of any sorts these days. If you're interested in trying some just send me a message on FB or something and I'll pick some up for you. I think it's only 2.99 at TJ's. I'll be in town April 2-3 for a wedding.
    Have you tried plain Greek yogurt? It's protein packed and will stick with you too. YUM!!!

  2. I have tried the greek yogurt, but it's so cost-prohibitive here! I can just strain my plain yogurt and make the same thing ;)

    Haven't tried the agave syrup, though I have heard of it. Haven't looked for it, but I'll check my store. They have some things that surprise me (and some they don't have really surprise me, like Kosher salt!)

    Yes, we have a Sam's card and go about once every month-two months. I <3 their cheese section ;) I've seen their cheesesticks before, just haven't bought them yet. I like the ones that are cheddar and mozz swirled.