Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm letting stress get to me. Zombie cat dreams, Bueno for dinner. Not a good combination. My weight is up four pounds from the lowest low I've had. Not good.

I have a piece of chicken baking for lunch as I type. Tomorrow night is concert...once I get past that, I'm home free, sort of. If I didn't have a $3K yearbook bill hanging over my head, I would probably rest easier. But, I do. I hate that shit. I would love yearbook if it didn't cost anything to do it.

Beyond all that, I'm just making poor choices and need to stop. I ate so much salt yesterday evening I look like I cried all through my sleep. My ring was stuck shortly after dinner, too, with the swelling. I guess I don't eat nearly as much salt as I used to!

So, here's the damage:
B: Usual
S: Some peanuts
L: Chili, cheesestick, grapes
D: Bueno--nachos, a small taco, some Coke
DS: A bite of chocolate cake

Yeah...vegetables? Hello? What the hell.

Today's choices should be much better:
B: Usual, but with blueberries
S: Don't know that I'll have one
L: Baked chicken breast, veg of some sort
S: Cheese stick
D: Grilled chicken, roasted beets (maybe) or green beans...probably the green beans, they are more perishable.

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