Monday, May 31, 2010

And here. We. Go!!!!!!

I was encouraged to take before and after photos, so, here they and my statistics are.

Day 1. Waist (under rib cage) 32"
Waist (over belly button) 42"
Hips 45" (dayum!)
Weight (didn't take first thing, had a snack) 188.4lbs (disappointment...I was down to 184.8)

Please excuse the very enthused expression on my face! I don't like taking my picture. Especially after I haven't been awake for very long :P

Fit test results:
Switchkick: 84 (not bad!)
Power jacks: 22
Power knees: 60
Power jumps: 7
Squat things (I'm going to have to double check what those are called, obviously): 3 rotations (4 jumps per)
Suicides: 3
Push up jacks: 0. Nada. Nothin'.
Low plank obliques: 22

My sister said she almost threw up after the fit test. I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes. I fell over during the recovery stretch. I tried to show H what a push up jack was and then I couldn't get back up off the floor. I sat on one knee for a couple of minutes telling myself to get up and my legs flat out refused. I think that's why I couldn't stop laughing.

I'm regretting eating yogurt.

Time to shower and go buy cross trainers. That was fucking brutal. There's no nice way to say it. I know if I stick with it and eat right, I'll see results. You should see my grocery list and how many fruits and veggies are on there. And protein. Yay.

And here I go. Okay, legs. You have to listen to me this time. Yup. Here I go. Moving along. Any time now...


  1. You DO look enthused...hehe. I am so excited you're doing before/afters. I will be your cheerleader. GOOOOOOOO KELLI!

  2. Thanks, Brittney! Appreciate it :)

  3. Gimme a "K", Gimme an "E".... ok ok. haha

    It sounds like you're really making this a lifestyle change, which IMO in the most important thing. You can do it! (I was being that pervy guy -Rob Schneider- from The Waterboy, if you didn't catch that)