Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miserable and eating crap

My allergies yesterday went from bad to awful to unbearable. I look like I was hit by a truck or I cried for 12 hours, which is basically what I did. I know students are going to ask me over and over again today if I've been crying, what's wrong, etc. because my eyes are so puffy. I already ice packed them. Just to get some relief, I ended up taking a 24 hour Claritin D, and a sudafed allergy/sinus which had a different decongestant and antihistamine, and a shot of nasal steroid spray. I also did a sinus rinse. I hate doing that.


So, since everything tastes off and I thought I was going to be alone for dinner, I didn't make the best of choices. However, weight's still creeping downward.

Food from yesterday
B: Usual
S: Cheese its (the machine at this training seminar I had to go to would not give me the peanuts or trail mix I asked for, so mean. "Make another selection." Whatever)
L: Pepper steak--steak strips, bell peppers and onions in brown sauce, a little bit of rice, a couple of bites of an egg roll, and some egg drop soup and iced tea. (We went out after the training...I really restrained myself on that food)
D: Some nachos and a sprite

So, there you go. At least I did eat a lot of veggies at lunch.

Hopefully today will be better, and I'm taking a whole arsenal of allergy meds with me. I'll probably end up rinsing my sinuses one more time before I go to work. I don't know what to do about my puffy eyes except drink a ton of water, which I need to do given the amount of antihistamines I'm on right now.

Was it something I read about global warming making pollen worse?

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