Friday, May 21, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

That's right folks--graduation is tomorrow ;) I still have to deal with the seniors on Monday when they get their yearbooks (and some of them are getting very impatient about that!) but otherwise, I'm pretty much done.

My editor kindly invited me to her graduation party tonight, which I thought was really very sweet of her. She's not a very affectionate person, verbally or physically (and that's something I can totally relate to) so that means a lot.

Even if she invited all her teachers! Since the senior class didn't include me in their brunch, I think I'll go. I said something to another teacher about how the senior class hates me, and one of my band seniors was walking by and he took a pause. I know they don't hate me...but sometimes they treat me like a non-entity, at least my Capstone class, about 3/4 of them, does. And that's really frustrating and somewhat hurtful. But they'll be gone soon, and for my schedule, so will Capstone. I'll be foraying into another field in which I know nothing about: web design. Yikes.

I did fine with food yesterday. I was humming off the fact that I was wearing those size 14 pants. I'm so happy to see measurements going down. I'm getting pretty excited for Insanity. I'm not excited about summer classes ;) I guess next Friday I will go up and pay as much of my tuition as I can and get a parking permit.

I did get pizza for dinner, and it was a treat. I went to Papa Murphy's, where you take and bake your pizza. It's much less greasy feeling to me. I also got a big salad. I will be having some pizza and salad for lunch today. And this time, H didn't eat it!

B: McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfait, a little OJ (this is a nice breakfast change for me...a little juice once every couple of all reality, I was just running late!)
L: Leftover bbq, green beans
S: Nothing...
D: Pizza from PM's, big salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Water.

I did a little better with water. I've got to remember to take my bottle out of the room with me to fill it!

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