Monday, May 24, 2010

Was there a weekend in there, somewhere?

Yeah, you haven't heard from me in awhile. The weekends are quickly becoming a nemesis. However, it was nice to blow off some steam, hang out with some friends, play some friendly drinking games, and get the house in order.

We bought a steam cleaner this weekend. Smartest move ever made. The carpet looks so much better in the living room where so much red dirt was tracked in. I might tackle some other rooms tonight! H already did the hallway and dining room.

Went shopping at Ross today. Tried on some cute dresses...too bad things fit so strangely on me when it comes to dresses. One was really cute--brown on white print, thin linen/cotton layers, with a puckered middle that kind of hugged everything in...but there was this huge amount of fabric on my shoulder blades. It definitely wasn't supposed to be like that. It was a LOT of fabric...maybe it was made for someone with a huge hunchback? It was weird.

So, I walked out of the store with a $9 shirt. Gray, shiny pattern, tight band on the bottom. Not too billowy in the middle. Short sleeves, deep V. Going out kind of shirt.

So, seeing as I am hugely embarrassed by what I consumed this weekend, I'm going to start fresh with today. Too bad we had parties for several hours at school since it's the last day of classes (only three half days of finals...time to get that room packed!)

B: Few sausage balls, some fruit, a little bit of bacon. (I managed to avoid waffles, french toast, donuts, and muffins).
L: Half a hamburger, a few french fries with ketchup, iced tea (see how it's not the entire meal? Yay, me!)
D: It's going to be: Marinated grilled steak over a spinach salad with tomatoes, shaved parm, toasted garbanzo beans (new veg) with a red wine vinaigrette. I'll probably have some fruit, as well.

Honestly, this sudden 90 degree weather does not put me in a cooking mood. Most of the meals I planned this week are fast in the kitchen.

Tomorrow? Eischen's. Yummy, yummy fried chicken and okra, cold, cold beer. Going out with some friends so that's the free meal of the week!

Hooray! Classes are finally out!

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