Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1, I think I really am insane.

All right, here's yesterday's food:

Small amount of yogurt with mixed fruit, a few shaved almonds, a little sugar
Very small amount of pb on half a slice of wheat bread (did not enjoy the bread...)
Subway 6" roasted chicken with cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickles, banana peppers on 9-grain bread, apple slices
Carrots with hummus (starving)
Cheese stick (still starving)
Few spoonfuls trifle (not starving anymore!)
Salisbury steak (lean ground sirloin mixed with fun things, made into patties, with a homemade sauce with mushrooms) and crowder peas.
Whole bunch of water

I felt like I ate all afternoon when I got home!


Today I did the plyometrics DVD. Holy shit. I worked out over half an hour ago and after a snack AND a shower, my face is still red. I have to go dress shopping here in a bit (want to get out before it gets too hot) and I have to wait for my face to not be red anymore haha. Heartrate was definitely up. There was a lot of sweat in my hair. There was a lot of grunting. The dog finally just left the room.

And my sister wasn't kidding...you get through the first 15 minutes and they're all, yeah, that was the warm up. !?!??&?$%$#?@#$??@#?????zomg.

I'll post food later on today or tomorrow morning. Wish me luck with the shopping. Everything is poly/elastine and I just don't get that. I don't want to spend $150 on a dress that I might have to get altered later on down the road, but it might come to that.

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