Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweatin' to the...newies?

You know, the music in Insanity cracks me up. It's all energetic and happy through the warm-up, then when you start to do something hard, it goes all minor key and serious. Like Law and Order music. Funny stuff. Being a musician, I can't really miss that kind of stuff. I swear I'm paying attention to the workout, too!

I had hoped to lose a little weight last week. Whatever I had lost mid-week came back. I'm hoping it's just water retention or something. Also, I'm pretty sure I mis-measured last week because it's impossible for me to have gained an inch on every place I measured in a week! But, whatever. I'll make it a point to eat before I get to starving so I won't go totally nuts. The wedding I'm going to this weekend is with a totally different group of people and I don't see myself drinking and dancing the night away like I did this past Saturday night. Saturday night's group of women don't make me feel self-conscious in any way--I can dance and make a fool of myself at the wedding and they're right there with me, being silly. This coming's Saturday group I don't really know as well. Funny how relationships work that way, and how you feel you have to act a certain way with some people and not others.

Yesterday, I didn't have to work out. My body was so tired and sore. Especially my feet! I did get a little gardening in. I had hoped to walk but it's just gotten prohibitively hot so fast. I dropped the Wii sensor somewhere behind the TV among a mass of cables and I didn't feel like digging so I didn't do the Wii Fit. I was just full of excuses but considering I slept pretty hard last night, I think I needed the rest.

It's also time for me to start re-working my curriculum, journalism, mostly. There is so much to add with digital media and I would like to put more focus on photography than in the past. I managed to just gloss over it this year. Maybe I'll put it earlier in the plan so I won't feel like I have to cut it down. I have to update my band handbook, as well. So much to do before my July classes start.

And I am not looking forward to that day. I can't believe a week of my vacation is already gone.

Here's food for yesterday:
B: Nothing? I don't recall eating up pretty late.
L: Chicken enchilada with verde sauce (about 1 1/2), a little rice, a little guac, a little sour cream at Red Rock, iced tea
S: Grapes
D: Blue-cheese stuffed burger on ww bun with grilled onion and some tomato, oven fries, ketchup.

Yeah...need more veggies in there ;) Here's to a better week and hopefully some weight/inch loss.
DS: Grapes

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