Tuesday, June 8, 2010

100 posts!

Wouldn't it be cool if I could have some sort of free giveaway to the people who comment, like "real" blogs do? Yeah. That'd be cool.

Too bad it ain't gonna happen. Sorry. I have lots of pens...I could share those? Anywho...

Feeling frustrated today. I often get this way in the summer as I struggle to find motivation to do anything and end up doing nothing, knowing damn well I have plenty I could be doing.

I also screwed up boiling an egg. Boil old, poach new. Not boil new, poach new. Gah. The egg fell apart in my hands as I tried to peel teeny tiny little triangles of shell off. What a mess. Lousy breakfast.

Still waiting for my body to just magically start losing weight again. As soon as I allowed myself some bread, poof, weight went up. Guess I won't be doing that anymore, aside from the toast I had with my egg just now. Learned my lesson.

Yesterday, the dental hygienist pissed me off because she was new, and young, and not my normal lady. I commented on how next door someone was getting a lot of drilling done (I hate that high-pitched WHEEEEEEE sound, it literally hurts my ears) and she said something along the lines of, well, it's not a drill, it's just a burr, and that's just the sound it makes. It doesn't bother me.

Sorry, honey. I don't give a shit if it doesn't bother you. I'm the patient, and it bothers me. When you're a music teacher, you hear EVERYTHING and high-pitched noises like that can become painful.

Then she came at me with the water vibration thing for plaque and that makes that sound, too. Not to mention my front bottom teeth are just sensitive to that kind of thing and she spent freaking forever there. My other lady just scrapes, and scrapes...I think I want the scraper back.

She also completely flooded me. There was water flying everywhere. She even put an extra towel on me knowing she was going to do that to me. I felt like I was getting water boarded. I don't have any Pentagon secrets, but I would happily tell them all after that episode. Shit. Luckily, no cavities, but I have to go back in to get some fissures filled. Another lovely side effect of getting older--your teeth start to wear down, too. Goody. They also said my teeth were pretty clean and they didn't have to clean much, but warned me, as they do every time, about my gums. They are sensitive and I think nervous bleeders.

So, that was the highlight of my day. I went to Stein Mart after and tried on some dresses--they were all larges, not extra large--HA. Take that. I also tried on a few things here and have noticed I really am losing it in my shoulders. It's reluctant weight loss but things are getting tighter, I suppose. I can almost wear a button-down without gaping buttons. I can button my suit jacket without any strange puckering. It's an improvement.

So, here's yesterday's food:
B: 1/2 serving of oatmeal with a little brown sugar (1/4 cup dry)
B2: PB, banana
L: Leftover burger patty (about 3/4 of it) a sliced tomato and some cottage cheese
S: A few chicken wings (wanted something spicy)
D: Grilled lemon-dijon chicken (OMG it was good) and grilled zucchini and onions. Again, very good. I cut one lemon in half, grilled it, and squeezed the hot, charred lemon juice over everything.
DS: Braum's Mix--couldn't get ice cream out of my head. Won't want it again for another week or 2.

Did I tell you I didn't even eat any cake at the wedding Saturday night? I was too busy dancing :)

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