Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's not the end, it's the journey

I have a Journey song stuck in my head after watching Glee last night. I'll admit, I got a little teary when they sang to the choir teacher. If only teenagers in real life were so appreciative.

Not saying I've never gotten any tokens of appreciation; I have. And they were always very sweet. I had a really bad week once a few years ago, and a student and her parents gave me a card saying that their thoughts were with me during the difficult time and that it too shall pass. I got a home-made birthday card this year. Last year my yearbook class threw me a whole party since my last several prior birthdays had been just awful (one I was stuck in an after-hours clinic with two kinds of upper respiratory problems, getting shots in the butt from a perky little blonde nurse). And all the high fives and silly faces in the hallways (those are the boys...of course, ha) do mean something. Kids are just not so much into the grand gestures like the are on TV.

That aside, yesterday I gave my presentation to the board for our school's website redesign and it went well except for one snafu--I forgot to get a contract from any of the companies, and we can't move forward until we do. Face-palm to me. Some of them just wanted to let me go ahead, and it was nice of them to trust me like that. I did do a lot of research and spent a lot of time talking with these companies. The lawyers on the board weren't so convinced, but it's their job to look at everything from a legal standpoint. It was a little hurtful when one member said something along the lines of, this company has thousands of schools and the other board member said, we don't know that. How do we know that?

Hmm...perhaps because Kelli did her research? But, they don't know me, really, and I look like a damned kid and am often overly eager about stuff like this (grab the bull by the horns and all) which makes me seem young and inexperienced. I've only been at the school for five years.

The scale finally moved today. Back down two pounds. Hopefully that trend will continue. I've been invited to a fancy happy hour at a fancy restaurant (they have cheap apps at happy hour but the drinks are still full priced haha) and I haven't yet decided if I'm going to go. I have to do plyo today. I've noticed that the constant soreness is gone so I should get started on pushing a little farther..."digging a little deeper" as the Insanity guy, Shaun T., would say. I even attempted V push ups yesterday...or day before, can't remember...and while I couldn't do them full-out, it was more than the first time I tried. Inching ever closer to my goals.

Food yesterday was meh. Bad choices are no longer in the house.

B: Crappy hardboiled egg and a piece of toast (didn't eat it all)
B2: PB and Banana (getting tired of this, think it's time to start making smoothies)
L: Chili with a little cheese and red onion, grapes, iced tea
S: A few chicken wings (all gone now, I swear!)
D: Pizza from Papa Murphey's, big salad from there, too.

And you know what? I turned down the principal's brownies at the meeting. And I was hungry. And she makes excellent brownies. And I was sitting right next to them.

Yup. That's why I'm eating chocolate oatmeal right now (stirred in a little hot cocoa mix hahaha). Takes the edge off.

Oh, and yesterday, I was involved in a thread on a local message board (which currently isn't working..hmm..) about abortion and a poster actually had Plan B (the morning after pill) and RU486 (the "abortion pill") mixed up in his head. He thought they were the same thing.

*facepalm* You know I set him straight.

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