Thursday, June 3, 2010

I said it's your birthday (duh nuh nuh nuh nuh)

It's not my birthday--it was H's birthday yesterday! Today is our 4th anniversary. Well, 4 years of marriage...TEN of being together. That's insane. I'm feeling old.

Part of why I feel so old is I'm exhausted. I hardly slept at all last night. You should see my sleep cycle from my iPhone (really cool app--I got it when it was only $0.99!). It's crazy. But, at least today is "Cardio Recovery" day.

Um. Yeah.

So, yesterday, I learned a very important lesson. DO NOT WORK OUT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. I will want to die. I couldn't do a lot of the workout as well as I should have.

Then, I ended up going out for both lunch AND dinner because of H's birthday. So, being hungry yesterday was not a problem. I ate a lot of beef.

Last night, in celebration of a bonus, his bday, and our anniversary, we bought a grill. FINALLY. We've been holding onto the premise that the one his parents gave us when we moved could be fixed. I really think his mother just wanted it off her porch and couldn't bear to just throw it away. So, today some frat boys are going to come over and take that away. The new one even has a burner on the side so I can take my little metal Calphalon saucepan and do things with it out there!

I haven't been able to grill in years. Our apartment came with a grill until the insurance company capped off everyone's gas and took them away. Grr. They said it was a fire hazard. The grills were surrounded by brick! Whatevs. Now I have a new fancy grill, which is dismembered in my living room, where I need to work out. I cleaned up a lot already. I just can't move the grill hood because my poor arms are too weak!

Food from yesterday...don't judge. It was a celebration!
Post-workout: PB and banana (I'm really starting to like this part)
L: Burger and fries from Paseo Grill, iced tea
S: Some strawberries
D: Caesar salad, a ny strip steak, steamed asparagus, and 2 beers. No dessert. H and I both passed on it :)

But, I slept like crap because I was too hot from the beer. Lesson learned.

We're not going out for our anniversary--we're just eating at home and I had planned on making we'll see. I might do chicken, instead ;) And grilled zucchini sounds nice.

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