Friday, June 11, 2010

Seeing improvements

Sorry I didn't post yesterday...I was kind of in a funk. Don't really know why. I need to start getting up earlier again or something; I always feel weird sleeping until H leaves. I also don't sleep well while he's getting dressed and going in and out of the room. Anywho, food wasn't great (starting to sound like a broken record) since the other night we met with some of H's fraternity alumni for happy hour and conversation. Both were good. I managed to only have 2 drinks, which is good for me. I'm kind of a lush. The lemon drop martini was overpriced and overtart (to the point of acid reflux, seriously) and the beer was fine, but they didn't have what I wanted. Don't even ask me what I had because I couldn't pronounce the name even then!

It was later and I hadn't thawed anything, so we decided to get food out. H wanted Freddy's. I figured I'd had leftover pizza for lunch so I'd just make it my free day, which is fine. Then the girl at the window asked if we wanted and extra burger and fries (mistake in the kitchen). Sure, why not. It'll be lunch tomorrow.

That said, I can see improvements when working out. I end frustrated sometimes because I feel like I shouldn't be getting so tired, but I have to remind myself it's been awhile since I seriously worked out and this is a serious workout. I'm getting to where I can do about halfway-real pushups (not on knees) and a few other things which tell me I'm improving. I can feel muscle in my arms and shirts are feeling looser on top. My collarbone is becoming noticeable to both H and myself. That's always a good sign for me.

H is feeling thinner, too. Literally. I hugged him goodbye a bit ago and he felt thinner on top. Good for him. He hasn't made any serious changes other than riding his bike a few times a week around the lake and then eating what I make at home for dinner. He still has lunch out everyday (I would be a blimp if I did that) but he doesn't eat it all. Some of his pants are almost obscenely loose.

Before I post my food--how do you all like the new look? Blogger came out with some new design options. I'm a happy camper. Now I can change things up a bit!

B: Chocolate oatmeal
B2: Smoothie w/yogurt, honey, strawberries, blueberries, half a banana and ice
L: Leftover pizza, a big salad
S: Grapes
D: 2 drinks, a burger and fries and part of a sprite from Freddy's

B: Chocolate oatmeal
L: Leftover burger and fries
S: Smoothie (with the same as above but less and with a splash of peach nectar)
D: Grilled balsamic chicken, grilled squash, tomato and mozz w/EVOO and balsamic (yum)
DS: About a palmful of Heath bar bits (was wanting something sweet really bad)

You wouldn't believe how much fruit I pack into those smoothies. It's INSANE.

I only have one real concern about this workout--I'm going to be doing the really insane workouts during the month when I have two classes. So I'll be getting up pretty early in July so I can be in class by 9. Blah. AND I'm going to have to take my lunch with me so I don't spend a crapton on lunch out like last year. Of course, I probably don't know that many people in the classes as so many from last summer already graduated.

I'm such a slow-poke. Does no one else have evening work commitments as a music teacher?

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