Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nearing the century mark

So, food yesterday, not so hot. We had a wedding and I wasn't hungry because of my big lunch, until we left late and I was STARVING. I go from pretty comfortably full to ravenously starving in a matter of minutes it seems! So, I ended up getting a really late burger and fry dinner.

Oh well. I can say that I danced for two hours or so at the wedding, and I was just as sweaty as I was from my workout. I assume I burned a few calories. Hopefully I burned off the booze ;) It was a good wedding though; not pretentious, small, not in-your-face about how much they luuuuuuurve each other or really any lovey-dovey crap. It was straight, to the point, and fun. Kudos to the couple--we know both of them from H's law school and they have been together for years. They are the couple that is comfortable enough to not have to be directly in one another's presence all the time when you're out or whatever. I appreciate that. H and I are very similar!

I get a rest day today, and boy, do my calves need it. After Plyo and all the dancing (in HEELS bah) I'm kind of just shuffling along this morning. Kind of funny, actually. I will probably do some Wii Fit later to loosen them up a bit. Going to be too hot out to walk, I think.

So, basically, I've dropped a couple of pounds this first week, though no inches. I did notice a difference in how the dress I bought Monday fits in my's already a bit loose! Dangit, I have to make it to next Saturday with that dress, too. We have another wedding to go to. But, I like that I can see progress. I still can't do Level 1 drills the whole way, but I will. Next week, I only have to deal with that one wedding, so hopefully no more lunches or dinners out.

I think I might bring brown rice back into my diet, in small portions, to kind of help ease my hunger. And small amounts of oatmeal.

Anywho, yay, I survived week 1 of Insanity!

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