Saturday, June 5, 2010

Getting through

I did all right at the Pure Cardio yesterday. I'm getting much better at the warm ups and stretches. I've lost about 3 pounds (almost back to my lowest) though my measurements haven't changed yet. Next week, we don't have any birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate, so hopefully I won't feel the need to go out or drink! We do have one wedding next weekend and then we're done with that. Crazy people all getting married.

I have plyo today and then tomorrow I have the day off, so I'll probably just take a walk (though it's damned hot and the mosquitoes are legs are covered in bites) or work on the Wii Fit. Probably the Wii since it's indoors and skeeter-free! I'm wearing a knee-length dress to this wedding tonight and I have big red bumps allllll over my legs. Sex-ay.

Food from yesterday:
B: Nothing...woke up late, tried to run an errand, couldn't run the errand, by the time I got home and showered, I had to meet H for lunch to get the key so I could run the errand!
L: A little tabouleh (didn't care for it...too much cucumber), a few small pita wedges, grilled chicken kebab, and a veggie kebab (tomato, zucchini, red onion, squash) and a little basmati rice
S: PB+honey and a banana (post workout)
D: Grilled (yes, finally, GRILLED!) marinated chicken (soy, brown sugar, garlic, chili flake), grilled zucchini and red onion. It was SOOOOOOO good.
DS: A very small piece of cheesecake (it was from a mini-cheesecake I bought for our anniversary dinner)
S: A very small bowl of Grape Nuts with 1% milk.

I think I'm going to have to allow myself carbs here and there or else I'm going to starve. I'm ALWAYS hungry :P Well, I'll go an hour or so after eating and be hungry again. I'm doing my best at keeping the choices under control. I'm still allowing myself dessert once in awhile because I don't want to lose the ability to enjoy dessert. Not that I really think that will happen, but sugar can trigger migraines for me but if I allow a little now and then I think it will be okay.

Almost time to do plyo. Had a piece of toast and an egg so I'm waiting for that to digest. H said he was going to ride his bike while I worked out so I wouldn't feel self-conscious if I yell at the tv, grunt loudly, fart, whatever it is that happens when doing this crazy shit. I thought that was nice.

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