Friday, June 11, 2010

Panda Express Funny

So, I've had this mad craving for chinese food for DAYS. Literally, days. So, I thought I would go down to Panda Express and give it a try. I'd never eaten there before, and they had "smart" options like the broccoli beef.

I waited my turn, and it took awhile but I had my phone, radio, and dog in the car to occupy me. I kind of expect long wait times at Chinese places, Whataburger and Braum's where they make things on the spot, so it wasn't a big deal.

When I got to the window, the nice Hispanic young man (ha) apologized for the wait and I said it wasn't a problem. That kind of stopped him, because I was so calm about it. Really, it was maybe 5 minutes from order to window. So, he apologized again and I said, apology accepted. He handed me my iced tea (sidenote: unexpectedly fruit flavored iced teas are disconcerting on first sip) and as I grabbed hold, the lid popped off, some spilled over the side onto my arm and my car, and the lid blew away in the Oklahoma wind. No big deal--it wasn't sugary so I just dried off, it didn't get on my clothes. He was obviously upset, and as the window shut for him to get a new lid, I heard him say, "I could kill her..." because the other person overfilled the drink.

During all of this, he had asked me if I was on lunch break or if I had the day off. Given that I was in track pants and a t-shirt with a dog in the car, it's pretty obvious I had the day off. But, I told him I was a teacher so I was enjoying my vacation. Then he asked me where I work. Oh, is that a private school? Oh, it's public? That's cool.

It was really weird since there were probably three cars behind me waiting on their orders and the guy kept trying to talk to me. I guess he was just smitten ;)

Food was good--broccoli beef, a little fried rice (can't help myself, I love the stuff) and a few shrimp and an unsweet fruit flavored iced tea that I can't quite put my finger on.

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