Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can't think of a title this morning

I'm so happy! My weight is back down from its previous low, and it's a bit lower, too...PLUS I'm wearing a pair of jeans from the GAP that I haven't worn in...well, it's been so long I can't remember! I know they had a very short-lived rotation in my wardrobe. Totally jazzed about that.

You heard me. Jazzed.

I managed to get food together for the spaghetti supper tonight AND we finished the yearbook yesterday. That one student of mine heard I was angry with her and she ran in saying, "I have track copy! I have it!" I told her I had seen the 200 words, maybe, that she had typed and that at 10pt, it wasn't going to suffice, so she needed to get on it. I told her that I finished another page for her, as well. I think it got the point across that she was slacking. They don't like to make me angry. It's kind of funny, actually.

So, today, I will be scrambling around after lunch trying to get all the spaghetti supper stuff taken care of. Did I mention I'm cooking this shit? Yeah. One of the teachers and I (luckily, he has industrial kitchen experience) will be cooking enough food for 200 people ourselves. It's like that show Dinner: Impossible. We'll be all right, though...I think.

I guess you're wondering what I ate yesterday:
B: Same usual suspect...getting in a rut but I don't like eggs by themselves
L: Leftover caccitore
S: Peanuts, 1/4 of a City Bites pumpkin cookie (faculty meeting)
D: A strange concoction of chicken, shrimp, green beans and onions with a chinese-ish sauce, homemade egg drop soup (made it way too spicy)
DS: Some peanuts with heath bar bits. Later, a few more heath bar bits :P

I couldn't believe that Michael Lynch was almost kicked off American Idol last night. He had never even been in the bottom three! Wassup wit dat? The judges saved him, though. I'm rooting for Crystal Bowersox. I just love her.

Okay, gotta go pick up those lovely donuts for newspaper sales. In my smaller jeans!

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  1. Fitting into clothes that you haven't been able to for a while is an AMAZING feeling! Way to be "jazzed" about it!