Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday

I'm really horrible at titles, aren't I?

So, the clock is ticking down on Six Flags. I think that will be my day to have whatever food-wise because the options don't exactly scream "I'm healthy and not loaded with empty carbs." I think I can handle Medieval Times just fine...chicken, potato...pass the pastry off to a happy child...

So, the weight is actually coming off. Down 7.2 pounds (I said I'd finally get to say 7 pounds on here eventually). It's not flying off, but it is working its way down. Waist, mid-belly, and hip measurements are working their way down, too. Pants are getting loose. It's a nice feeling. I swear my face feels thinner but that might just be psychological.

Yesterday's food was a success:
B: Usual
S: Cheese stick
L: Leftover hunk of meatloaf, roasted zucchini
D: Lemon chicken, broccoli with homemade cheese sauce, 1 slice cantaloupe (fruit of the was all right. I also left it out all night. Hope it's okay)
DS: Small serving peanuts with heath bar bits

I'm quite hungry this morning. I have hungry days. I just have to stay out of the teacher area where the Wednesday donuts are.

Two days until Six Flags!!!


  1. 7 lbs. is awesome! I am impressed that you're documenting your food intake. I have tried it, but I am NEVER honest with myself--I always eat something but don't write it down! I feel guilty and it never works out!

    How is school going for you? Talked to Lauren lately?

  2. Actually yes, I did talk to Lauren via email today--she corrected a typo for me in an email I sent to the faculty. Whoops. She's good, though.

    And yeah, I can't believe I've stuck with it this long, and there might be a few things here and there that I've left out (a bite of this or that) that amount to maybe 50 calories but I've really started to reign that in! I'm sure there are people reading this that think my kidneys are going to fail or my hair is going to fall out because I'm not eating grains much, but honestly, I feel really good! I'm even in a better mood most of the time!

    And thanks--I'm quite proud of that 7 pounds. Here's hoping that number will go up!