Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wonder, I wonder

How long it will take for the bill that was just passed by the Oklahoma Senate (which was vetoed by the governor, rightfully) to be deemed unconstitutional? I keep seeing people on FB say, "What a horrible day to be a woman in OK." Well, people, let's get out and vote for some new representatives and senators! Some of the comments made by those very reps and senators in the article I read on the Daily OK were just horrifying. One man, can't remember what his name was, said something about how "after the baby is murdered."

Pretty sure it's not least not in my eyes. A 2 month old fetus can't survive on its own. Effectively, it is leeching off the mother. Can't murder something that can't live.

But, I know my views are not the views of everyone. If you believe that life begins at conception, then that's fine. However, abortion is legal in this country. It's time for the "buckle" to live with that.

On to other, less heavy topics: I ate ice cream, and it was so good. To be exact, it was Braum's frozen yogurt (a mix with Oreos) but it was damn tasty. I did get a bit of a sugar headache after eating it, though. My dinner last night was excellent--I think those were the best beans I ever made (but, don't bacon and onions make everything better?) I have ever made. I also noticed that since I ate a lot less salt yesterday, I was running to the bathroom left and right to pee. I must have peed five or six times yesterday evening. I also woke up around 2am to was like I was the Tom Hanks character in A League of Their Own and Madonna's character was timing me, it was that crazy long. I know this is all TMI, but I was pretty impressed.

Weight's down by nearly 2 pounds, as well. Yes, I weigh every day. It becomes a thing with me.

Yesterday's food:
B: Usual
S: Peanuts
L: Same as yesterday
S: Some leftover rotisserie chicken
D: Carne asada (flank steak marinated in lime juice, olive oil, spices, garlic) zucchini and yellow squash (cooked alongside the steak) and my take on barracho beans (pintos simmered with sauteed onion and bacon, with some garlic powder and pepper mixed in). Notice how there's no salt in that meal? I did sprinkle a little cheese on my beans, but that was it.
DS: Braum's mix

So, at least I have yummy leftovers today!

And, I have a question: Did Glee make anyone else bawl like a baby last night, or am I just feeling insecure and hormonal? The "house is not a home" song just about killed me. I love how they focused on Curt and Mercedes and Finn. It was time for that.

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