Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14

It was an ok day at work. Yearbook staff is coming up with great ideas for next year. Band rehearsal was meh...they aren't "getting" the music, not the point of it. They are all just kind of playing their own thing and it isn't working. I gave them some food for thought at the end of rehearsal...for the second day in a row...about why conductors even exist (how music is interpreted differently by different people, and 40 people all playing different interpretations of the same piece won't work, so there's one person in charge of the interpretation and everyone follows them, and they are the conductor, and that we are flapping our arms around in an effort to build better looking arms, etc.) and it seemed a few of them were like, "oh, that's why she does this."


But, whatever. I don't really care about placing at Six's a relaxed contest and I'm hoping mostly for insight and for the kids to have a good time to help build morale for the future.

Food yesterday:
B: Usual
S: Cheesestick
L: same as yesterday
D: A slew of ribs, vegetable medley

Damn, I ate a lot of ribs. I did notice yesterday that I am not thinking about ice cream/sweets anymore and instead think, gee, what protein do I want for dinner tonight? Interesting change. That's why I picked up the ribs. I did not want chicken! And, of course, when I said something about cravings on Facebook people immediately went to the pregnancy side of the rainbow. Um, hello, have you guys met me? So not doing that right now. For so many reasons, mostly financial and partially personal (not really sure I'm ready for that kind of commitment). That was a little frustrating. But, to their credit, I haven't talked all that much on facebook about my weight loss journey (god, that's such an overused phrase, isn't it?) because I post stuff here. I have mentioned how all my pants are fitting looser, and people have commented/liked that. Guess not everyone pays as much attention.

Well, it's only 6am and I'm going to go dry my hair. We have a special event at the school early early this morning and I need to be there with a camera in hand. I've not taken early dawn photos before so we'll see how I do.

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