Sunday, April 25, 2010

I suck

Okay, I have got to get my eating back on track. I had Whataburger at 1am this morning. Yes, I was awake at 1am. I'm never awake then! But, I really never had dinner so I was starving. I know I don't make good choices when it gets to that point.

Anywho. Pom was lovely. I hope the after-prom was successful. They had a lot of great door prizes, including a fairly good-sized dorm fridge. I would have gone to something like that in high school had it been offered.

Today is a day to get back on track. Get the house clean. Get some gardening done. Get the groceries. Take the photos. Eat right.

I've learned that I need to add some more protein to my breakfasts as I'm starting to get hungry at like, 8am. That's ridiculous. So, I'm going to follow my sister's advice and try adding some almonds to my breakfast yogurt and berries. Or walnuts. Whichever's cheaper.

I had lots of other thoughts but now the husband, the wet dog, and Tolstoy are all in here talking to me, shaking water on me, and distracting me. Doesn't matter. I need to get back to cleaning. So far I have a very clean bathroom!

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