Sunday, April 4, 2010


Guess I "fell off the wagon" this weekend. PMS sucks. Working all day at Sonic sucks. We did make $314.76, though, which is a really good day for us, considering I only had 2-3 kids at a time! It was nice and steady.

Let's see, yesterday I ate: popcorn chicken, some soft serve, and three pieces of pizza. Yup. That's it. Friday night I had all good intentions of not drinking any alcohol and staying away from the chips. I decided that it was a get-together, I don't go very often, and that since Mexican food is my absolute favorite, I would feel worse for depriving myself of something I love than I would feel about having some of those foods.

I didn't eat all of it, at least. I left quite a bit on my plate. I had some sorbet, too. Figured it was high in sugar but it wasn't something I normally get. At least I stayed away from fried ice cream and cheesecake things!

But, today shouldn't be bad at all. Easter is easy--ham, some asparagus, a nice salad, I'm making squash casserole (and I won't have a ton of it, probably) and some water. I have no problem staying away from the boxed wine at the in-law's. Haha.

So, if I don't lose any weight this week, I won't be shocked or disappointed. I'll consider this weekend as a learning curve and move on.

That said, if I do lose weight, there will be a happy dance in my bathroom tomorrow morning.

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