Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday and Friday, April 8 and 9

Done with the Spaghetti Supper. There was drama, as always, with getting the food. But, it can be resolved!

I haven't been the best the past two days but unless I wanted to go hungry, I had to eat the spaghetti.

B: Usual
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: Nothing...that I can recall?
D: Spaghetti and some salad--tried to go light on the noodles, didn't have bread, unsweet iced tea to drink
DS: Had a piece of the most amazing lemon cake ever. If I'm going to splurge, then it needs to be on things like that!

B: Usual
S: Nothing...
L: Leftover spaghetti--we fed the whole faculty!
S: Nothing...
D: Seared pork chop, sliced tomatoes, roasted white asparagus (not my favorite but H likes them)
DS: more of that damn cake. It's just so good!

I ended up going out to do yardwork to enjoy the lilacs and to get away from the cake :P I also want wine, like crazy bad. But if I can make it to 9pm then I can't get any. H is up at the university watching the Spring Sing show. After working a 13 hour day, I was just happy to be home.

It was funny, though. I had thought on the way home, "I wish H could come home early today." When I opened the garage, there was his car! He said he just felt like coming home early today (he's been working long, hard hours, too) so we took Callie to the dog park and let her play in the water a bit. I also saw a puppy I met before, Butters, who just loves me. He's so cute but incredibly ADHD.

So, just chillin' tonight before the car wash tomorrow. I think I have no sunscreen...I'm going to have to go on a search! I will be as red as my OU shirt if I don't wear any. I'll be chasing the band kids down with it, too. They hate when I do that but it's one of my few "mom" moments. I do it at Field Day, too. They always thank me in the end when their friends are burned to a crisp!

Wish me luck--we have to make big bucks tomorrow!

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