Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm starting to hate Mondays

I never feel like I get everything done on the weekends...it's been so busy lately.

Here's Monday's food:
B: Usual, but now with almonds! Much more filling in the long run
S: Peanuts
L: Chili, cheesestick
S: Bite of a brownie
D: "Soup can chicken" with a small amount of orzo and some french green beans.
DS: Nibbled on some heath bar bits from the pantry--kept me from going out for ice cream!

I allowed myself the orzo--I was having a pms rage when I got home and really just needed some soothing carbs. After dinner, though, after all the salt and the little bit of pasta I ate, I was SO pregnant with a food baby. Won't be doing that again!

Hoping today will be all right. I don't have to proctor any EOI tests today so I actually get my plan to organize my room. I started that yesterday. It helps to get going on that now instead of trying to clean it all up at the very end of the year. And if May is anything like April, it will be over in a nanosecond.

Found out yesterday that we should be getting a nearly $20K grant for my journalism lab :) New computers, new printers, new monitors, equipment for podcasting/broadcasting, books, and updated software. I'm excited! Now, if only I could get my hands on the $15K that I was awarded for my band...an error that our parent company made while filing all the stuff for a 501(c)(3) has prevented me from doing so. That money would mean stereo equipment, a digimet metronome, a rolling/locking Wenger percussion cabinet, money for music for all performing groups, a tenor and bari sax...the list goes on and on. We also owe the school for the chairs and stands they bought that we needed at the beginning of the year. They fronted the money expecting the grant to come through. But, it's all out of my hands. I've been about as patient as I can possibly be!

So, for today, lots and lots of water. PMS and all the salt from that dinner have me up 2 pounds...still haven't lost any in the last couple of weeks.

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