Saturday, April 24, 2010

Twelve hours

That's how long I slept last night. Sure, I awoke a couple of times to let the dog pee, turn off the tv or whatnot...but I fell asleep pretty much at 8pm and just got up a little bit ago.

Guess I needed it!

Yesterday wasn't the best of days. Food-wise, I was all right until I got home. Work-wise, not so awesome. It's great to start the day with a sophomore telling you to shut up after you remind them to tuck their shirt in (my students wear uniforms). The child thought no one would hear her, but her teacher did. The child's retort to the principal after I took her in? "Well, I said it under my breath...she wasn't supposed to hear me."

Because that makes it all better? I posted about it on my facebook and an old high school friend asked if the kid got detention. Nope. This kid got shoved straight into in-school suspension. If she had shown some remorse or if she was having a really bad morning or something, they might have gone easy on her. But our assistant principal doesn't fart around with shit like that. We teach respect at our school.

I really would like an apology. I think that's fair. I'll probably never get it, though.

So, onto the food:
B: Same
S: Peanuts
L: Chili, cheesestick
D: Homemade fried shrimp and french fries. 3 beers. And then I fell asleep!

The shrimp was on the menu this week as my "fun" meal, anyway. The beer was lovely and just what I needed. It knocked me out, though. Hence, the 12 hours of sleep!

Other, happier news: Tonight is prom. It should be lovely. The first roses I've ever had are blooming. They are yellow and lovely. I am going to work in my yard today and the weather is lovely. For once, I feel rested. And it feels lovely.

Tomorrow I take senior portraits for a girl where I teach. This is a first for me, so wish me luck! I'm excited but nervous.

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  1. Snooty little high school brats...I say show her your pimp hand! ;)

    I'd want an apology too. I HATE crap like that!

    Good luck on the senior portraits!