Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday-Sunday, April 16-18

You know, I just realized the previous post had the wrong day on was supposed to be Thursday. I guess I was too unmotivated to change it ;)

So, this weekend was a success. I will not list my food as it was not good; however, I'm up two pounds and that should correct itself pretty quickly. I can say that my stomach has been in a state of distress ever since we left home!

I learned about roller coaster hangovers this weekend. If the phrase doesn't already exist, I'm coining it now. After riding the Runaway Mountain a second time, I found out that the world can move in all directions when you're dizzy, not just around you. This time it moved side to side. I felt like my brain was literally rocking back and forth in my mind. I called it a day after that and nursed a Sprite. I figured my body was telling me I'd had enough.

Well, I hadn't ridden a roller coaster in probably 12 years or so--don't judge me!

The kids were great and they brought home some trophies. I'm very proud of them and their accomplishment. I am also very proud of their behavior. Our bus driver slipped and suffered a head injury and the kids were very patient and gave up their evening dinner out so the driver could go see a doctor for her head and hand. They were only concerned about her well-being and what we needed to do about her seats getting wet (we were standing in significant rain at this point). They were also punctual and caused no problems. They even let me hang out with them a little at the park.

So, besides all the awful food I ate, it was a good trip. Back on track today--my lunch is cooking away (chicken and zucchini) and my strawberries are thawing for breakfast.

My digestive system is going to thank me.

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