Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hip Hop Abs, baby

I ordered a new cardio routine from BeachBody: Hip Hop Abs. The instructor is Shaun T, the same guy who does Insanity. Luckily, this one isn't as brutal, though the first time through the routine this morning had me staring with little question marks all over my head because my body just didn't understand how to step-touch to the side while alternating arching and rounding my back and pumping my arms.

Gee, it sounds so easy when I write it out.

However, I could feel my abs working, and it was a lot of fun, which I need at 5:15am. Shaun T is hilarious. In Insanity, you just see him be a badass. In this one, he proclaims that "Dontcha wish your girlfriend" is his song. It's pretty funny. I could almost see him walking up and saying, "Hey, girrrrrlfran."

In other news, work is CRAZY. Home is crazy. Well, not crazy but financially stressful, still. I've started up piano lessons and picked up a student--one of my percussionists! I love it when they show an interest like that. I've not taught a student his age in a looooong time, and I'm so used to tiny little hands and he has these huge man-hands that barely fit in the keys. He won't be a viruoso but he has the goods and the will. He was also concerned about getting me paid on time, which is nice. I do like getting paid on time.

My husband is doing well on his weight-loss efforts. He's within 15 pounds of my weight, which is kind of scary for me. And, of course, incredibly frustrating. He goes out and rides his bike, makes little changes to his diet and the fat just melts off. He's the example that doctors always make. I, on the other hand, could do the exact same thing and do like I did this morning--gain two pounds for water retention. Seriously, I can barely get my wedding band on and off. It was loose yesterday! Guess I need more water. But, he's happy. And he has finally given up the pipe dream of landscaping and building a retaining wall in the backyard with a buddy. They were just going to do it one weekend. Because we all know that was going to work. I'm a little scared of the cost, but if we get it done soon, I can put in bulbs for the spring.

Anyway, this has been a bit of a rambly post, so I'll move on. Anyone else ready for fall? I'm tired of the makeup melting off my face first hour while I feel sweat literally running down my back. It's icky and I'm tired of it! Bring on the fall!

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