Monday, October 11, 2010

If anyone's been wondering where I've been...

I've been injured. Freaking plantar fasciitis and last Saturday I woke up to extreme neck/back/shoulder pain. I have no idea what I did there, but I still can't look down without it "pulling."

So, not much exercise has been going on. I'm frustrated because I can't even lift. All of the strength gains I had are going to just go away. I had just gotten to the point I could stand to work out in the mornings.

I did manage to find some shoes that help my foot. I got up this morning to try and it was just excruciating. And there's nothing except months of stretches that I can do about it.

So, I haven't been blogging because talking about being frustrated with my lame-ass body doesn't further anything. Posting how horrible I've been eating doesn't help me. I'm not exactly feeling inspired.

I do, at least, have a reasonably healthy menu this week. My weight's been creeping up on me and again, I'm frustrated with it. So, I guess I'm just going to have to cut waaaaaay back on the calories until I can work out again.

I plan to go get a massage soon; financially, I can't justify it, but I'm going to have to, so I can function again.

So, that's the update. Creeping closer to 30 and my goals just keep slipping out of my fingers. I can at least say I'm still under 190.


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